Family Fun with Eat an Oreo Day

We have been making Saturday night our Family Dinner and Game night for some time now. We get tired of board games week after week. So, recently I decided to mix it up. In honor of Eat An Oreo Day I decided to hold an Oreo cookie tasting event. While we were at it, we used the cookies to see who could make the tallest Oreo cookie tower. These two activities go together like cookies and milk – making a Family Fun night to remember!

History of Eat an Oreo Day

Eat an Oreo Cookie day is the “lesser” of the 2 Oreo Cookie Holidays, with National Oreo Cookie Day (March 6th) receiving much more fan fare. In fact, it’s not exactly clear why June 19th was chosen to celebrate the best-selling cookie in the United States, as the date itself is not significant in any way. However, here at Homeschool Holiday we firmly believe there is always something to celebrate, and eating an Oreo works for us!

Eat an Oreo Taste Test “How To”

For the cookie taste test I purchased a variety of flavors and was careful not to let the family see them before the event was held.

After everyone ate their vegetables, (ha ha) we conducted the taste test. We included my daughter’s boyfriend as well. So the ages were 16, 17, 18, and 19. I did not taste, as I was passing out the cookies and keeping the MASTER list of flavors. My husband participated but I won’t disclose his age. He’s young at heart! I was not able to convince my family to use blindfolds, so they closed their eyes! Watching my family’s faces and listening to their comments was plenty of fun for me! The laughter lit up the room.

The purpose of the taste test is to see who can correctly identify the most flavors. As you can see from the pictures, my family took the taste test seriously. They used the recording sheets to keep track, and “cleaned their palates” with water in-between each cookie. I allowed smelling, but did not give any other hints as to the flavors. There is a huge variety of flavors out there so depending on the ages you are working with, you can decide if hints, or a list of “possible” flavors is appropriate. The Oreo Cookie Taste Test resource has a printable award you can give the winner, but a package of cookies makes a great prize as well!

This is a fun award you can present to the individual who correctly identifies the most flavors!

Using our Cookies Wisely

After we were done tasting – we had PLENTY of cookies left to stack! The holiday of the day, was Eat an Oreo Day, however, with 5 different flavors, there were cookies to eat and cookies to stack!

The Oreo Cookie STACKING challenge asks learners to see who can make the tallest Oreo tower. If you have younger family members, they can work with partners. If you don’t have as many cookies, you can take turns.

MY rambunctious teens all stacked at the same time! This made it hard for me to monitor, good thing they are honest! As soon as one cookie tumbles – you loose! But the memories were made, and the pictures speak 1,000 words. That’s priceless! Oreo cookie stacking is our favorite “you don’t have to eat them” activity for National Oreo Cookie Day, March 6th. You can check out our 4 Ideas to celebrate that special day HERE. There are even free printables to help you celebrate.

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I hope you enjoyed our family fun eat an Oreo day adventures!

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