Your Best Work

believe in encouraging kids – we all do. I also firmly believe in self assessment and self evaluation. That’s why For every assignment I give both at home and in my school classroom I say – do your best work. They are starting to listen and UNDERSTAND….

Today – a 6th grader (So I began his training last year)and I had this conversation about an in class book report project. I laid out brown bags, construction paper, egg cartons, empty tissue boxes, tp tubes, craft sticks… you get the idea. The students were to create WHATEVER they wanted from the supplies. This allowed them to be creative without any background influences from parents who like to do book report projects ๐Ÿ™‚Mrs Gandara…

Yes LoveBug…

I am totally so proud of this zombiekins I made. It turned out so awesome. (two tissue boxes and construction paper)

Why are you so Proud LoveBug?

Because Mrs. Gandara (In a loud voice) This is MY BEST WORK.

And how does it feel Sweetie to KNOW this is your best work –

Awesomer than Awesome!

And I tell him – I want you to feel that way whenever you turn ANYTHING in…. think about that.

He just grinned.

Needless to say He dragged his mom in after school to see it – that’s what happens NATURALLY when kids create without “help”

– as helpful as we think our help is…

I like to suggest to helpful parents, Homeschool Teachers as well as Classroom teachers…

Lay off the “requirements” – take a break and see what amazing things kids can do ๐Ÿ™‚

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