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Maestra Michelle is the sixth Teacher Author in our series of product reviews on items you can use with confidence in your homes, co-ops and classrooms to meet the needs of your learners. Each of them are created by teacher-authors like myself (small, family oriented businesses)*. Michelle lives in South New Jersey with her husband, two teenage step-daughters and their barky beagle Pebbles. They are big into strategy and word games at their house-even before quarantine.

Maestra Michelle

Naming her Store

Michelle named her store using alliteration (alliterations are fun, right?!) and it gives a hint into who she is as a Person. Michelle is a non-native Spanish teacher who creates resources for learning Spanish at the middle and high school levels. She has I’ve taught a variety of levels but have spent a good chunk of my career teaching Spanish 1 & 2, and thus her product line focus’ there.

The Products

I had the pleasure to work with her Adjective Agreement: Shapes and Colors. I must admit – I was a tiny bit intimidated. Every time the Spanish teacher came in to teach my 4th graders, I swore I was going to pay attention and no “work” – but it never happened. I took French in High School and College , “Because it was pretty” ( yet, not very practical living in Southern California!) So reviewing a Spanish product was going to be challenging.

$8.00 from Amped Up Learning

Adjective Agreement Shapes and Colors is a PDF with hyperlinks to a Google Slides(TM) Presentation, Quizlet(TM) sets, and a Google Form(TM) self-grading quiz. Learners tackle indefinite articles, word order, and noun-adjective agreement including plurals! It can be used with new students or as a fun review for Spanish II!  I felt it could be used with primary students myself having sat in on 4th grade Spanish with half a listening ear for so long. As soon as I began to go through the activities I had a “light bulb moment” – THIS IS FANTASTIC – you don’t have to KNOW Spanish to use this!!!!

The curriculum gets learners describing objects by learning to identify the shapes, colors, gender, and number of an object.

I recognized immediately curriculum developed by Maestra Michelle could be used by homeschoolers very easily! Michelle confirms that, “yes, many of my resources can be used by homeschool families or by other non-Spanish teachers-especially the activities and lessons listed as “Beginner” (Spanish 1-2). “

Michelle includes easy to follow directions with screenshots. Many of the activities are self-correcting and if a question asked in the presentation, the answer appears on the next slide so students can get immediate feedback.

Michelle also creates open ended- project based activities, asking the students to create something personal using Spanish.

$3.00 available on Amped Up Learning

Vamos a Presentarnos works for both Beginning and Spanish 2 levels. There is no “right/wrong” answer in mind. This type of project based learning is meant to create opportunities for students to connect with others while using Spanish in a way that is personally meaningful to them. The project and the Spanish inside doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be understandable. In this project students are completing a template that includes:




why they like their school

and space to answer several Spanish-2 level questions

a space for students to upload pictures

a space for a QR Code linking back to their FlipGridā„¢

Each of Michelle’s products are TEACHER TESTED – meaning she is “a teacher first, *published author* second. I only publish products that I have used in my own classroom and found them to be successful!”

The Person

Michelle began teaching in 2006 and spent 8 years in post-Katrina inner city New Orleans. It was, by far, one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences of her life. She learned a lot about resilience from those kids! She also taught ESL in a college in Northern Mexico, and spent a year in the Chicago suburbs and a year in England teaching Spanish. Michelle is currently in New Jersey teaching at a private school and Loving it!

Before COVID-19, Michelle did a lot of traveling. She believes travelling is the most important form of education. By getting out in the world and experiencing different surroundings, foods, ways of thinking and speaking you will learn so much about yourself! I couldn’t agree more.

Be sure to check out the awesome offerings Maestra Michelle has in her Amped Up Learning store for your Spanish Curriculum needs!

You can also follow her on Instagram@lamaestramichelle

Until next time – Be blessed friends!

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