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We don’t educate in isolation. I’m a firm believer In having a team. I  never used one curriculum exclusively. I believe in finding what FITS for every situation. I’m always looking for things I can use with my clients. That’s why they trust me – I’m NOT all inclusive. Working with Happy Hive doesn’t mean I feed you a bunch of holiday curriculum all year and say have fun and walk away. I pride myself in finding what works for YOUR family. I also don’t want you to break the bank.

As we head into summer I know many families (and classroom teachers)  are evaluating their curriculum choices for next year.

This is the first in a series of product reviews on items you can use with confidence in your homes, co-ops and classrooms to meet the needs of your learners. Each of them are created by teacher-authors like myself (small, family oriented businesses)*.

First up: Writing with FRAMEs: The Elementary Edition Persuasive Essays.

$2.00 for the FRAMEs model and Sentence Stems

 I chose this product because aside from reading comprehension, my next most asked question is: How can I help my child become a better writer?

ELA in Middle School

ELA in Middle School has a line of products designed to help address this very important need. Their writing FRAMES series (both the Elementary and Middle school level) are $2.00 each. Those that have been upgraded to include editable Sentence Stems are $2.50

Matthew and Suzanne have a fantastic line of products designed to walk students (and their educators) step by step through the writing process.

The buzz word for this is scaffolding. Just like the scaffolding we see on a construction site, or the simple act of helping a toddler walk, scaffolding in education is providing tools learners can lean on for support.

Matthew is a Middle School teacher specializing in English/Language Arts. He also uses his time to educate other teachers on product creation. He was even an owner-operator truck driver in a past life! (Why would this truck driver’s wife include a fact like that!?!) Matthew’s diverse background gives him a keen business sense and a gift for mentoring others in education. Suzanne holds a degree in Animal Science and is involved in the educational world as a substitute, an intervention specialist in both Math and Special Education. (Intervention specialists tend to hone in on HOW kids learn – translate that into well written curriculum!) They both create curriculum for teachers with their primary focus being on Middle School as well as classroom management.

Matthew and Suzanne are blessed to have 4 grandchildren living with them who are homeschooled. (ding-ding-ding more love from the Happy Hive!) This caused a natural expansion of product offering by adapting and developing things to fill the needs they saw with their grandchildren. So while their name is “middle school” their offerings range from elementary to high school.

My own double life as a classroom teacher and homeschool parent causes me to overanalyze products, always on the lookout for things PARENTS can use that don’t require “buzz word” 101 before I recommend they use it. ELA in Middle School has products that need like a glove.

I was struck right away by the detailed notes for the educator using the curriculum. There are detailed step by step instructions on how to guide a “Scholar” through writing a persuasive essay. Both a veteran and an up and coming educator as well as any homeschool family could easily  follow and implement the simple straight forward strategy.

Designed to be a rough draft work, the FRAME is  the perfect introduction to persuasive writing.

The set includes “Sentence Stems” for students to use in their writing. One of the challenges of writing, regardless of the task (Persuasive, Informational, Narrative) is WHAT to write, learners often get hung up “thinking” about what they are going to write for an entire class period and not truly getting much accomplished. They are paralyzed by not having the “right” words. Sentence Stems are the tool to help students launch right into writing with the tools they need.

You are welcome to purchase any of the individual FRAMEs available in the ELA in Middle School Store, but I highly recommend the BUNDLE. At the Elementary level this is a basis for everything I need for a foundation of good writing.

The Bundle comes with: Persuasive, Informational. Summary, Personal Narrative, and Argument Analysis.

5 writing FRAMEs and Sentence Stems for each! Only $7.20 for a full foundation of writing curriculum!

If you have been wondering how to help your students, or a child in your home become a better writer, start with the FRAMES available from ELA in Middle School. They get the Happy Hive seal of approval.

Also feel free to check out their blog: Wandering the Halls of Academia – Teaching and Living Today They blog about teaching, and living life with meaning.

Until next time – Be blessed friends!

Mrs. Crabtree

If you have questions about homeschooling or would like to supplement your child’s public/or private school education ,   Whatever journey you are on, I can help. Happy Hive Education Consulting is run by an experienced homeschooling Mom with a California Teaching credential. This unique combination of experience allows for a customized partnership between her family and yours.

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*Disclosure regarding the “EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT REVIEW” series: Homeschool Holiday/ Happy Hive Homeschooling does not accept any payment for reviewing products from other Teacher Authors. I do recieve the product being reviewed and provide my HONEST, educated opinion about how the product can be used with my target audience: Educators in all their forms: Parents, Homeschoolers and Teachers.

I will be linking to Teacher-Author blogs and the stores in which they sell many their products. Purchase at your own risk. My opinions are my own and meant to help guide your curriculum and educational decisions.

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