World Space Week!

The solar system offers so much to learn. As a homeschooler we could easily spend an entire year of science just exploring this topic. I went a little crazy planning product for world Space Week…. so much so I didn’t get it all done IN TIME for World Space week! The ideas just kept coming. Let me introduce you to them:

Fascinating Facts

Product production began with a set of informational slides – one for each planet and companion worksheets. Fact sheets are also provided to make the product homeschool friendly, or to provide a visual aide for classroom learners. Honestly, classrooms and Homeschools are not *that* different. Having worked in both settings, I hope my products are versatile enough for both.

Available year round on your favorite teacher marketplace for $3.00. Slide Presentation, Fact Sheet, Mini book and a variety of Companion Worksheets for multiple skill levels.

Classroom teachers are using technology we may or may not be using at home, and as a result, I have included digital worksheet that are what I call “remote ready” at no extra charge. Learners can fill in the blanks using text boxes or by drag and drop when the google slides are in “edit” mode. For the printable version learners simply fill in the blanks the “old fashioned” way with pencil, or they cut and paste. Young learners can trace the names of the planets. There is something for everyone!

Phases of the Moon

I personally didn’t study the phases of the moon until a college level astronomy class. At least that’s how I remember it. Perhaps if I were to learn the phases with some of the hands on activities they have now I would remember. There are plenty of other sellers out there offering clever cookie representations of the phases… I went with a bit of a more traditional pencil/ paper route…with your “digital” options!

Available on your favorite marketplace for $2.50 (this way you have enough to purchase cookies!) Learn the Phases of the Moon and practice them with the companion worksheets in both paper and digital formats.

Homeschool Holiday offers the Phases of the Moon in the same format as the planets: slide presentation, fact sheets and mini book. After exploring the facts in the way your learners are most comfortable (Or you can use a combination of methods!) whip out the companion worksheets. There are traditional fill in the blank ( or type in the blank if you are using the digital resources) as well as cut and paste (or digital drag and drop). There are worksheets for multiple age levels as well. Young learners can trace over the phases of the moon while they listen.

Have your own Curriculum? Just need a quick Craft?

This awesome craft is only $2.00 on your favorite Teacher marketplace. It comes in print-and go color as well as color your own versions. A great supplement to ANY solar system curriculum.

Perhaps you have your own solar system curriculum or you have studied it in the past. I get it. This quick craft is just what you need to Celebrate World Space Week – or to “top off” your own studies of the planets!

Family Game or Center Activity

The Solar System Memory Games make a great family game night or afternoon activity as well as a classroom center. Just print the cards onto a thick cardstock, laminate for durability and cut apart. Play one of the 4 different games, or combine all the cards into one big game.

$2.00 for 4 different Memory Games

Learners can match picture to picture or picture to text depending on the level you choose for them.

Finally – a Freebie!

If you just want our quickest, and easiest and FREEST Planets resource – Visit my Amped Up Learning Store and download this Word Search. – It is only Available on the Amped Up Learning Market Place. When you download this FREEBIE you agree to be added to the Homeschool Holiday “Curriculum Club” Newsletter List.  We send out a Newsletter Monthly and you will also get access to our exclusive Member’s Only Area where you can download more Freebies that can only be found there! The newsletter also gets sent when we announce new products we are especially excited about, as well as when an especially exciting freebie has been added to the Member’s only area. Your inbox will not be flooded.

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