When your teeth land on the roof, I hope they land Straight!

Fairy Magic

There truly is nothing like fairy magic. Glitter. Pixie Dust. Whatever it takes. Fairies are meant to bring joy into our lives. (Unlike the Leprechauns who bring mischief.)

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Today’s holiday, National Tooth Fairy Day (also celebrated on February 28th), surrounds the western culture’s folklore that when children leave a lost tooth under their pillow, the Tooth Fairy comes to collect it and leaves them something in it’s place. In our home the first lost tooth was always rewarded with a new toothbrush as well as a $2.00 bill! The Tooth Fairy likes to leave a trail of glitter to show she has been in the house as well!

Because she is magic, she has the ability to do different things for different children, following rules of parents ( like perhaps no glitter in your house!) or leaving candy instead of money. She also leaves a variety of denominations. The tradition of leaving money comes from Northern Europe, where the tooth fee was paid when a child lost their first tooth. It has been recorded in the Old Norse traditions known as the Edda (a collective of Norse literary works circa 1200)

Tooth Fairy Around the World

The Tooth Fairy, and Loosing teeth is celebrated in different ways around the world. Here are a few of them.

In the United States, England, Australia and Denmark, children most often put their tooth under their pillow when they go to sleep . When they wake up, the tooth is gone and it has been replaced with $1.00 (or other amount)

In Ireland, Anna Bogle, A mischievous leprechaun girl who was playing in the forest one day and knocked out her front tooth. She does not like how she looks without it, but can’t put it back in. She get’s the idea to get a human child’s tooth to replace her own. Stealing is against the leprechaun’s code of ethics, so she must leave a coin in return. Anna keeps trying until she finds a tooth that will fit.

In many Spanish speaking countries like Spain, Argentina Guatemala, and Mexico they have the “Tooth Mouse”. In some of these countries the Tooth mouse takes the tooth out of a glass of water (after drinking it!)

Still another fun tradition is throwing your teeth onto the roof! In Greece, China, Singapore, and Vietnam, children who toss teeth try to get them to land straight. That’s because, if the tooth lands crooked, it is believed the new tooth will grow in crooked!

In Turkey they do not have any “fairy” Instead they believe a lost tooth holds a child’s future. The family chooses special place to bury the tooth so their dreams for their child will come true.

If you are able to talk to friends or family in different countries, ask them about their tooth fairy traditions and compare them to your own. Use the opportunity to BRUSH UP on good dental hygiene! If you haven’t seen the dentist – use this Holiday as the perfect opportunity to schedule your next appointment!

Easy Ideas for Celebrating the Day

A fun and Free activity for celebrating the day is toothbrush art. Have your learner create a painting with an old toothbrush instead of a traditional paint brush. Be sure to cover the area with plenty of newspaper if you will be attempting the splatter paint technique!

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have enjoyed learning about some unique tooth fairy traditions from around the globe.

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