When everything is dark…

Tuesday June 2, 2020 is being promoted as BLACK OUT TUESDAY… quite honestly it scared me. The last time I woke up and saw a friend’s facebook profile completely black, he had said goodbye and had taken his own life. That is not something to be celebrated, nor promoted. So being the Holiday Queen I decided to quickly research what today is REALLY ABOUT.

According to NPR, BLACK OUT TUESDAY is a movement promoted by the music companies in support of black lives. Those in the Music industry are planning to reflect on ways they can make actions equal changes. A lot of money is being donated to groups working for racial justice.

This has the capacity to send a profound message. IF you use the right hashtag… #theshowmustbepause

It seems according to USA Today, the movement is getting a little blow-back because people putting black squares on their social media are also using the BLACK LIVES MATTER hashtag – drowning it in a sea of unusable posts.

So today – when you change you image to BLACK – because you support the idea that # Black Tuesday 2020 is a good thing and that #TheShowMustBePaused understand what you are “Celebrating” and supporting.

If you have teenagers or learners with phones and social media accounts – TALK TO THEM about what is going on. Take a minute and research before blindly following in the footsteps of others. PAUSING is an excellent idea. I am glad to participate in #theshowmustbepaused

I encourage you to visit the website – it’s not black out Tuesday Now how you think it is. – That is some one else’s agenda.

Visit www.theshowmustbepaused.com

This is not organized by Black Lives Matter – but yes, they do, it’s tied together. and people are running with a new agenda. I’m going to go ahead and do just as the organizers of today suggest. I need a minute.

for the original source and links for helping. I plan to do just as the organizers suggest. I need a minute.

Be blessed my friends



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