What about Socialization?

Socialization is not same age relationships. The dreaded question about homeschooling is always, “aren’t you worried about socialization?)

Goodness no. I have never met anyone who sends their kids to school for recess, lunch and holiday parties, because as a teacher, that’s pretty much when I let my class socialize. 

According to the dictionary socialization is:
  1. 1. the activity of mixing socially with others.

    2.the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society.

The true definition of socialization is the ability to relate to multiple ages. We don’t grow up and go to work in an environment where everyone is within one calendar year of the same age of one another. If you work with the public you really have multiple ages, and multiple personalities, to deal with. So why do people think that we send kids to school for socialization? 

I suggest when you are asked this question you answer it politely and use it as an opportunity to clear the misinformation people have about socialization. What they really want to know is can your kids get along with others? Of course they can because of.  . . You fill in the activities for your family. 
Here Lightning Bug is patiently playing with one of my grand-students ( who is obviously much younger than he is and *gasp* even a different gender). My bugs are comfortable with same age, adults, and younger playmates. 

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