Time Capsule Reveal

I really love the MEMORIES feature of Facebook. The things that pop up more often than not are great, especially now that time has passed. They are like a daily time capsule themselves!

If you have children, grandchildren, or even for yourself, I highly recommend setting up a time capsule. The concept is easy. I just used a box. You can read about it HERE

This one focused on the kids for sure. I put away plenty of school work samples. – That shows you where we were in 2010. Upon reflection, that was my last year as “just” a dedicated Homeschool Mom. After that I was pulling double duty – homeschooling and working as a full time teacher.

How things were spelled was a constant source of laughter. It reminded me that spelling, and correcting spelling on everything doesn’t matter! All 3 of my children are fine. When they write for their current assignments spelling is NOT an issue!

This is Lauren’s favorite item from the box. Her spelling, as the oldest at the time (9 years old) isn’t to bad. The sibling relationship is coming through loud and clear. And to think I didn’t want to send them to school so they would not get picked on or bullied. Snort. Siblings are the best at that stuff!

Megan chose the same worksheet as her favorite. Her spelling was always very inventive! She is 8, and this is before her reading took off. I am a firm believer that children learn how to spell by being exposed to words through reading. I promise, Megan got better and better the more and more she read. She will never be the National Spelling Bee champion, but she can hold her own! I also noticed she didn’t put her name on the paper. That was EXTREMELY common in our school. I didn’t need them to. I knew who’s work was who’s…and we knew when we were passing it out 10 years later too!

Douglas chose this as his favorite item from the box. This was the first thing we completed on New Year’s Eve 2009, and then again on New Year’s Day 2020. At 5, Douglas wasn’t doing much writing. His approach served its purpose, and homeschooling is all about just getting it done.

I keep an item of clothing for each of them. The “shorts” I had for Lauren started out as pants, and she loved them so much when they got to short for her, we cut them into shorts. Lauren just grew taller, never much wider!

Megan’s was a shirt. Boy did that girl love horses. This shirt brought all that flooding back. I even found a picture of her wearing it!

Megan in 2010 with her Parade Float creation. NOTE: Megan is wearing fake glasses, She wanted them so badly, she just wore clear lenses we got at the 99cent store. She had about 5 pair!

Douglas’ clothing item was best of all. He was complaining that it was inside out while Lauren held it up for us to see… it wasn’t. The fact was… Douglas wore this shirt so often it wore OUT!

So then he said, well I was 5, It had Pirates on it!

Douglas wore this shirt my Mom brought him from Catalina for approximately 4 years! That’s CrAzY.

Here is Douglas in 2007 wearing the shirt. He would NOT let me retire this shirt until it did NOT fit anymore!

Trying on the Dr. Seuss Hat for size
Original Dr. Seuss hat. Probably fit better because his hair was shorter!
Lauren enjoys reading the “childish” things she wrote, still able to relate to them today. She has always liked sleeping!

Here they are, now 15, 17 and 18 Holding their favorite items from the box.

I’m looking forward to the TIME I have with my three bugs and the Memories we will make from today forward. I hope you enjoyed looking back at our memories as well.

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