Throw Your Fruit Cake Day

Yup- it’s a real holiday. (I warned you some of the holidays we were going to study are obscure and silly.) I’m not sure who else celebrated… but the Gandara Bug Academy sure did! At Christmas time I picked up a Fruitcake at Walmart, and today we tasted it – none of the bugs liked it, which means the cake had to be tossed!

Even Smokey turned his nose away!

So the tossing began… Mr. Crabtree was home, and his expert photography skills and cool measuring tape came in handy!

Look at that cake fly! (I circled it in the pictures so you can see)

The bugs had too much fun… reviewed the concept of feet and inches – did some 3 column addition and converting feet into inches – wow!

Lauren’s cake tosses resulted in the most feet, followed by Douglas and then Megan. Everyone is a winner in my eyes – of course!

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