This is one holiday you don’t want to forget!

The elephants sure won’t… because today is National Elephant Appreciation Day.

Why Elephants are Special

Is it true? Do elephants “never” forget? Perhaps the adage – never say never comes into play, however, this common proverb is actually rooted in scientific fact. Elephants have been studied by many different research groups. The consensus is that these animals have very high recall ability and rank in intelligence with dolphins, apes and humans.

In fact an elephant is also able to recognize their reflection in a mirror. The other animals able to do this are the dolphin, chimpanzee and human. This makes this a very specialized skill.

Having an excellent memory helps the elephant survive, remembering where food and water are located. This is especially important in times of drought. An elephant can live between 50 and 60 years, relying on their store of information year after year.

Elephants have the ability to remember other elephants and humans, even if they have only known one another for a short time and have been separated for many years. Another special quality is that the elephant has the largest brain of any land animal. It is very similar in structure and function to the human brain, including how emotion is processed. Elephants are the only non human animals to mourn their dead.

Human mistreatment

Unfortunately, humans do not treat elephants with the respect they deserve Their habitat is destroyed, they are killed for their ivory and skin, and they are held captive and mistreated around the world.

Holidays such as Elephant Appreciation Day are important for bringing awareness to these fantastic animals. The more we know about the Elephant, the more we can do to help them.

How to celebrate

If you would like to celebrate this holiday with a quick craft, try our Elephant Paper Plate Craft. It is part of our DOLLAR DEAL collection. This activity comes with both “easy” and more advanced patterns as well as color and color-your-own styles. There is sure to be a pattern for all your learners!

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