This dog is a Mouse’s best friend! Happy Birthday Pluto the Pup!

Pluto (and what you might call his twin brother) got his start August 18th, 1932 when the Walt Disney Studio’s released The Chain Gang. The two then nameless blood hounds with a striking resemblance to the pup we know as Pluto, were sniffing out the Mouse himself after he had escaped from a chain gang. Pluto was then re-imagined as a pet, but in his second cartoon – he belonged to Minnie Mouse- and she called him Rover. Finally Pluto the Pup (his full name) settles in a Mickey’s best friend and pet in The Moose Hunt.

Pluto differs from the other friends in the Sensational Six in that he is the only character not who is not anthropomorphic (giving a character human tenancies beyond personification). Pluto’s personality relies solely on animation.

In 1942 Pluto was presented with the Tailwagger’s own Academy Award® called the Boscar. Pluto won for being the most promising dog actor of the year. This is considered a grand honor and great achievement in dog circles. The same year, to Lend A Paw, won the Oscar for Best Cartoon.

Pluto has remained steadfast and lovable over the years certainly deserving of his own special Holiday – Pluto Day August 18th.

You can also celebrate today with a FREE download of THE SENSATIONAL SIX by Happy Hive / Homeschool Holiday. This Set includes activities for EACH of the 6 main characters in the group.

For each character there is a brief history, information about their first animated appearances as well as some fun facts. I have linked to the best quality version of the cartoons mentioned as possible, for educational / historic purposes only.

I have also included a brief explanation of the literary terms personification and anthropomorphism. This is aimed at older learners in grades 5 and above as all of the characters except Pluto are considered anthropomorphic.

There are Comic Book Templates, a Cartoon Discussion guide as well as a link to a short video on the 5 Types of Animation all included for extension activities. This is a JAM PACKED FREEBIE! to celebrate 6 Amazing characters and their impact on cartoon culture.

If you would like to read more about the Sensational Six, be sure to check out their special days: THE SENSATIONAL SIX

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