The (WORST) BEST Halloween Ever!

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Have you read the series of books by Barbara Robinson? The series follows the Herdman family and their antics, through three novels: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, The Best School Year Ever, and The Best Halloween Ever. 

In the BEST Halloween Ever, the mayor of the town cancels Halloween because he is afraid of the pranks the Herdmans will pull off this year. 

Well, in 1977, My mom cancelled Halloween for my younger brother and I. Not because of our antics, but because we had just moved to GIGANTIC California from Teeny Tiny New Jersey and she was too frightened to let us go Trick Or Treating in the apartment complex we lived in. We were waiting for construction to be finished on our neighborhood home with the proverbial white picket fence.  I was 6, my brother was 3. He didn’t really know anything about Halloween, but I did. My older brother was 7 years my senior, so he had “outgrown” Halloween being 13 and all. My mom hatched a plan so we could still Trick – Or Treat. She bought bags of different candy, and she went behind one bedroom door, and my older brother went behind the other. Little Brother and I dressed in our costumes and giggled and went back and forth between those two doors knocking and saying “Trick or Treat” until the candy ran out! We had the BEST TIME!  I cherished and held this Halloween in my heart for years! My Mom actually ALWAYS made Halloween special. During my childhood, we could have children come inside on Halloween night to play my Mom’s games. Everyone in the neighborhood looked forward to seeing what she would be dressed as each year and loved reaching into her containers for a strip of paper that would reveal their prize!  

When my 3 Bugs came along, I began hosting Family Halloween parties the weekend before or after Halloween. We incorporated the “Indoor” Trick or Treating in memory of my Mom! 

You may be in a situation, for whatever the reason, that Trick or Treating from door to door isn’t an option. Even weather is a major factor in some areas year to year.  There have been “Whisperings” for months about Halloween 2020 and what THAT means…I’m sure where you live will have their own recommendations. 

Don’t cancel Halloween... with some quick thinking, costumes, candy and any door – Halloween is one event that The Show Can Go On!!!!

 And who knows, perhaps it will be the (WORST) BEST Halloween Ever! I certainly Hope it is! 

(My Brother and I on that now FAMOUS Halloween 1976)

– Mrs. Crabtree

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