Ever heard of Donna Duck?

Donna first appeared in the cartoon Don Donald in January 1937. She evolved into the delightful duck you and I now know as Daisy Duck, the beloved companion of Donald Duck! Daisy’s first appearance was in the 1940 cartoon Mr. Duck steps out.

Daisy Duck is the last of the stars to join the group lovingly known as: The Sensational Six – The biggest stars in the Disney Franchise. While there isn’t an official Daisy Duck Day – Here at Homeschool Holiday we believe she deserves to be celebrated along with the other members of the Gang!

When exactly is Daisy’s birthday?

Her “Birthday of record” seems to vary depending on the source. In the 1955 comic Birthday Boo-Boo it claims Daisy has a birthday of May 16th. The cartoon Whitewater Donald cites August 14th as her special day. Lastly, according to the 1989 comic Forget Me Not, yet another date: December 1st.

The other characters’ official birthdays are determined by their first cartoon appearance, so we have settled on January 9th in honor of Daisy’s roots :

Donna Duck in Don Donald.

Uniquely Daisy!

Daisy and Minnie are the best of friends, you would hardly know there is almost 10 years difference in their ages. They currently run Minnie’s Bow-Tique selling hair bows and bow ties (pretty clever if you ask me!).

Unlike Minnie who is not credited as “staring” in her own cartoon until 1988, Daisy takes the role as the protagonist 7 years after being in the background in Donald’s Dilemma. Daisy is a pretty Daring Duck!

Image Credits: By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47374174 

In Italy she is actually a super hero. The character of “Super Daisy” (“Paperinika” in Italian) is the female counterpart to the “Duck Avenger” (Donald!)

As Super Daisy, she doesn’t have superpowers but instead uses items created by a high society fashion designer named Genialina Edy Son. Genialina is personally responsible for designing Daisy’s costume, as well as supplying her with crime-fighting gear such as sleeping pills and a sports car in the James Bond style. Super Daisy will both fight alongside and against the Duck Avenger in the comic books.  

Celebrate Each of the Members of the Sensational Six!

Celebrate “Donna Duck’s” first appearance – with a FREE download of THE SENSATIONAL SIX by Happy Hive / Homeschool Holiday. This set includes activities for EACH of the 6 main characters in the group.

For each character there is a brief history, information about their first animated appearances as well as some fun facts. I have linked to the best quality version of the cartoons mentioned as possible, for educational / historic purposes only.

I have also included a brief explanation of the literary terms personification and anthropomorphism. This is aimed at older learners in grades 5 and above as all of the characters except Pluto are considered anthropomorphic.

There are Comic Book Templates, a Cartoon Discussion guide as well as a link to a short video on the 5 Types of Animation all included for extension activities. This is a JAM PACKED FREEBIE! to celebrate 6 Amazing characters and their impact on cartoon culture.

If you would like to read more about the Sensational Six, be sure to check out their special days: THE SENSATIONAL SIX

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