The Book Basket – How to encourage Reading in your Home

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I’m participating in a Summer Camp this week in which each day has a different theme. We have what I would like to call an extensive homeschool library. We collected at used book stores, garage sales, the goodwill, friends, and even Amazon quite often when I needed something specific.

Whenever we studied a particular topic, I put the books we had surrounding the topic in the “Book Basket” so they were readily available for the kids to explore. The picture shows a time we were studying scientists.

I had books in my stash for just about every day this week. It brought back so many memories of teaching the same topics to my kids.

Some favorites:

How to tell a Turtle from a Tortoise
We laughed and learned so much from this book. Even as the adults! It was a great edition to our Nature Studies.

Sound Make it Work

This one was when Lauren studied Sound for hr Science fair project. I had a very hard time finding books! I’m so glad I will get more use out of it!

Ed Emberly’s Complete Funprint Drawing Book

This book got USED! over and over. Colored stamp pads, finger paint – you name it. We did so many fun projects with fingerprint art! I highly Recommend this and the other books in the series. We have SEVERAL!

I never passed up a Magic School Bus book! They are just as funny as the show. I’m sure today’s kids would like the show “better”, however – my kids were not allowed TV, so the book basket with MSB books was always a hit!

Each evening we spend time where the only purpose was to read – everyone was doing it…Mom, Dad and kids. We picked something from the book basked and read individually. This enhanced our topics and gave us plenty to talk about!

How do you encourage reading in your home/school? Leave a comment or send me an email to share!

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