Teaching Trades in homeschools

It’s been a long time coming, but Lightning Bug is finally getting his room remodel. We live in a home that is 41 years old and everything but the carpet and appliances are original. I guess people generally don’t redo drywall, but whatever!  The great thing is it happens to be MY childhood home, and Lightning Bug is in MY room. 

So, the carpet is gone and the first half of the tile is started. This is a great opportunity for school outside the box! Home improvement projects are some of my favorites! Not only do they get Daddy involved as the instructor, but seriously, what elementary/ or high school teaches tiling 101? (If your local school does, please feel free to comment, because that is awesome! A trade school just might!) 

When we have a project like this, regular school gets pushed aside so the project can take priority. 

What specialty classes do you incorporate into your homeschool that may not be found in a traditional school?

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