Teachers impact other Teachers

My husband is a Truck Driver. Thankfully he is a local driver and he is home each night. He did do a “run” as a long- haul driver during our younger homeschooling years and it was an adventure for sure. I have SO MUCH RESPECT for this profession. The reason I am telling you this is, driving around all day, he has a LOT of time on his hands… He would listen to audio books while driving, but now listens to pod-casts. Every week he sends me a text message with something like – listen to this, I think you will like it.

FINALLY, Turn around is fair play!!! I am dying to send my husband the link to THIS PODCAST because I AM ONE OF THE GUESTS!

Homeschool Holiday, as well as two of my closest Amped Up Learning contributor friends had the pleasure of being featured on the Inspiring Teachers Podcast. It is also broadcast on YOUTUBE if you would like the visual!

My journey into commercial curriculum writing has gifted me with so many blessings, there truly is no way to measure my success.

Danny Hauger has a store on Amped Up Learning Marketplace called Hauger History. He also hosts not one, not two – but THREE podcasts:

Inspiringteachers.Podbean.com  where he and Tavis Beem provide, as the name implies, Inspiration for fellow teachers.

The other podcast,   Haugerhistory.podbean.com is where he provides overviews of his social studies products.  


And https://dannyhauger.podbean.com/ for music! Free music and interviews weekly! Enjoy free singer-songwriter songs from Danny Hauger music. Hear interviews with inspirational people and get free music and entertainment by subscribing today! Share and help support indie music for the world!

I’m not sure when Danny sleeps… (or grades papers!)

The Inspiring Teachers Podcast specializes in interviewing leading educators from around the world. I was able to share how Holiday teaching can impact not only homeschoolers, but classroom educators as well. With over 20 years of teaching experience, and curriculum writing under my belt (published or not, I have been writing my own curriculum since day 2 when I was not satisfied with what was in the curriculum I was using!) I would agree with Danny and Tavis – I am indeed a “leading educator” from around the world.

Danny’s podcasts are easy to listen to, as he is a natural in broadcasting. I’ll go ahead and call a spade a spade. Totally biased here because Danny is a former Los Angeles Angels broadcaster and anyone with the Angels is a friend of mine! Danny also believes in using his voice to help young people realize their potential. He admits to veering of the “path” based on what his students are interested in which is also near and dear to any homeschool philosophy.

Danny will have a special place in Heaven reserved for the Middle School and High School teachers. He has spent 6 long agonizing years with them… ha ha no, I put that in there. Danny LOVES it. And uses his podcast with fellow teacher Tavis Beem to help teachers of all levels gain experience and an empowering uplifting message of positivity.

The list of Danny’s talents doesn’t end… and I *thought* this post was about MY debut on a podcast..but I can’t wait to get my hands on this BOOK! Danny has given EXCLUSIVE Amped Up Learning pricing of $2.99 and it contains his best ideas of how to alter your voice to reach more students and help them reach their potential. This is NOT just for classroom teachers… even a MOM wants to help her children reach their greatest potential, and well, frankly we use our voice too!

Episode #99 of INSPIRING TEACHERS is ready for your listening and viewing pleasure. In this episode we discuss the joys of teaching in hopes of reminding all educators why we were called to teach. We also share some of our best moments teaching in classrooms, (or homes!) and share a tool or idea to help make the listener’s classrooms more engaging.  I do hope you will check it out!

Head over to Amped Up Learnning Today through Monday and save on EVERYTHING in the Online Marketplace – including the book – Broadcaster’s Secrets and the Oreo products I mention in the podcast!

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