Take time for you!

Most Homeschooling Moms are Stay -At-Home-Moms. I’m a Working Homeschool Mom – Perhaps you are too. Whatever kind of Homeschool Mom you are it is important you take time for you. My “ME TIME” comes in the form of scrapbook weekend get-aways with my Squirly Scrappy Sisters. We rent out a retreat house for a weekend and just scrapbook for the entire 4 days. It’s divine. Then I’m refreshed for my Family, students and life…. 
If you can’t get away – do something. Perhaps 1 Saturday every few months go out with your friends, or even by yourself. Get a massage, manicure – go to the movies – have a nice lunch (that someone else cooked!) – you get the idea! Take some me time THIS MONTH! 

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