Do you use lapbooking in your homeschool or classroom? You might think – been there done that…or lap – what? Well, today at the Happy Hive we are going to visit the much blogged about topic of lapbooks.

If you want the short version, check out my video:

Lapbooking isn’t a new concept. I used it from day 1 when I began homeschooling in 2006. I’m sure it existed before that. I have no idea to whom to give proper credit for “inventing” lapbooking, but I praise whomever it is mightily.

In a nutshell, lapbooking is a cut-and paste of information onto file folders or notebooks. It’s interactive and engaging for most (but arguably not all) learners. Remember everyone learns different. If you have a learner who isn’t into the creative mumbo jombo- they may not enjoy this type of expression at all.

You can create your own lapbook, purchase them, or do a combination. There is no wrong way! Here is a sample of a lapbook I created many moons ago (and am currently updating)

We used colored cardstock as our “cover” each of my children had their own color, and every lapbook or notebook was always that color.

All the interactive elements are then compiled over the course of the unit study and added inside the file. This was actually a year long project. We completed the assembly, then continued to add to the elements as we went.

This lapbook also holds information you can’t “see” – notice how the dated entries (in the second picture) stop in July of 2010. The untold story is That I returned to the classroom full time in August 2010, so our homeschool dynamics shifted (Topic for another post! YES you can work full time and homeschool). We put this calendar lapbook in our 2010 time capsule and the memories came flooding back! You can read about setting up the time capsule HERE and about the big reveal HERE

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Enjoy the Journey!

Mrs. Crabtree

More Free Lapbook Templates!

Lapbooking is very popular in Homeschooling. Actually I even used it in my classroom as a way to organize information! Lapbooks give kids something to show off. It is a way to create a project that is a work of art when finished.

One thing I have discovered over the years is there really is no right or wrong way of lapbooking. Make them your own. You can find many, many resources out there to help you. I hope you enjoy the patterns I create as much as I enjoy making them for you!

This is the 5 flap shutter. It is great for organizing facts or vocabulary. You can place the word on top and the definition underneath. You can even add pictures if you like.

Free Lapbook Templates!

We love lapbooking and do it a LOT – we even do a hybrid style where we put the lapbook elements into our notebooks.

Here is the first of many free patterns for you to use! If you need a custom pattern let me know – that’s easy!

Library Pocket – Single can be downloaded, saved and printed from HERE:  LIBRARY POCKET SINGLE