Leap year

Leap year provides us with an extra day!

The summer Olympics, US presidential elections and leap years always occur in the same year.

The reason we have this wonderful extra day is because it takes earth 365.2422 days to complete one revolution around the sun. After what we calendar as a year, 365 days, we are actually 1/4 of a day short of the COMPLETE orbit.

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We therefore need to add 1 day every 4 years. Those of you really sharp in math might wonder about the “22” that still remained after the quarter… it was actually .2422 afterall, and math is indeed an exact. Adding an extra day every 4 years *almost* fixes the problem.

When we converted from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, Pope Gregory added in some rare exceptions to the leap year rule.

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If a leap year is divisible by 100 we skip it, unless it is also divisible by 400. If it is divisible by both 100 and 400 we observe the leap day. Thankfully those don’t happen too often and really smart people do the math. That’s how we keep the calendar on track!

Leap days are a necessity because unfortunately, the length of one earth day and the time it takes to orbit the sun don’t align perfectly. Thankfully someone was smart enough to figure it out. I’m just thankful for the extra day, and we celebrate accordingly!

I let my kids do 100% whatever they want on leap year day. They love it! Eat ice cream for breakfast, play unlimited video games. The day happens only once every 4 years, and is completely special! Make it extra-special with things you would “Never” allow. I subscribe to the philosophy that everything is learning, so today is an extra-special day filled with 100% student led- learning.

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Ash Wednesday

You may be familiar with what Christians observe as the season of Lent. It begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for 40 days…. Well it’s actually a little longer if you examine the details.

Let’s take a factual look at Ash Wednesday and the Season of Lent – the time before Easter.

Ash Wednesday itself is 46 days before Easter. It is always on a Wednesday, and is primarily observed by Catholics, however other Christian denominations may recognize the day as well. Lent is said to be “40” days because the Sundays don’t count. (There are 6 Sundays, not counting Easter Sunday)  Sundays are always considered Feast days in a Christian calendar so they do not count in the 40 days of Lent.

Ash Wednesday is rooted in the ancient Jewish tradition of penance (voluntary self-punishment inflicted as an outward expression of repentance for having done wrong. – I’ll add more about penance in a bit, it’s not a “punish” as it sounds) and fasting (abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance.)

The ashes that are placed on the foreheads are a symbol of the dust from which God made us. They are made from blessed palm branches, from the previous year’s palm Sunday Mass.  As the priest or extraordinary minister applies the ashes they say: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”  or “ Repent and believe in the Gospel.”

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Ashes can also be a symbol of death and grief. In this way, our grief over the division from God we cause when we sin. They help develop a spirit of humility and sacrifice. (This is also where penance comes in.)

After receiving ashes you don’t have to wear them all day, however many people do as they are a good opportunity to share about God and be reminded about the journey of lent that is beginning.

Many, during the time of lent, for their offering of penance (the voluntary offering of self punishment) “give something up” like coffee, sweets, soda, etc. It can also be a time for DOING something extra. Perhaps making an effort to pray every day, or even a random act of kindness for 40 (46) days.

I have a FREE Random Acts of Kindness Printable for you – you can use the pre-filled activities, or one of the “blanks” and write on your own.  I have also included a Religious version called My Lenten Journey. Use this to countdown the days before Easter. Record your Lenten sacrifice, or record your Random Acts of kindness.

Ash Wednesday and  Good Friday during Lent are days in which Catholics (and some other Christians) abstain (do not eat) from meat as well as fast. Fasting means eating only 1 main meal.

Also on Fridays during lent  Catholics 14 years and older abstain from eating meat in honor of the Passion of Jesus on Good Friday.

If you are looking to grow during Lent you may also consider Journaling. It happens to be one of my favorite things to do. They have Devotionals designed specifically for Lent:

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President’s Day

To date there have been 45 men who have served as President of the United States. Today is a day to remember and honor them.

There are many books about our past Presidents from which you can gain a great understanding of how they grew into the leaders they became. My favorite series for this by far is the “Who WAS” series .

Back in 2010, For Washington’s birthday I gave the bugs an assignment… Write about what you would do if you were president of the USA, and then paint me a picture of yourself as president… here is what they came up with:

If I were President I would…

9 year old Lauren’s Essay: If I were President I would give the jobs money to give the people for payment. If I were President that is what I would do.

8 year old Megan’s Essay: If I were president I would lower prices and I would give food to the poor and I would like to make toys un – breakable. If I were president that’s what I would do.

6, almost 7 year old Douglas’ Essay: If I were President of the United States I would give people jobs… the front of his picture says: I am the President at my desk. I am saying, “How are you doing today?”. I let the little kid in my desk. The Daddy is looking at the jobs. TOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

As adults we potentially deal with Presidents on a daily basis (even if we avoid the news)… how? Because our presidents are on Money!

Did you know that there have been no revisions to the Presidents depicted on currency since 1928? Unfortunately the department of treasury can not determine with any accuracy why certain Presidents and statesmen were chosen for their specific denominations.

The only modifications to currency began in 1996 to improve security against counterfeiting.

You can learn all kinds of Fun Facts about the presidents (and other leaders) on paper money in my slide presentation and guided note activity pack.

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My President’s Day gift to you is this activity:

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“Mrs. Crabtree”

Please note that I am an Amazon Affiliate and as such the links I post are affiliate links.

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