Start December the Elf-Tastic Way!

It’s hard to believe the last month of the year has arrived. Perhaps you are relieved, perhaps a little apprehensive at what the New year holds. Set those thoughts aside and start December the Elf-Tastic way! We have a month filled with great holidays big and small. The first week starts off with Elf Day! Let’s take a closer look.

For the purpose of holiday celebrating, Pencil Day is a great holiday. However if you miss celebrating it, you can always revisit it anytime, as pencils themselves are timeless. On the other hand, there are HOLIDAYS like Elf Day which falls on December 4th. Elf day is the kind of HOLIDAY that should be celebrated as close to the actual day as possible. Something about Elf day in April just doesn’t feel right!

In this article, Homeschool Holiday is going to give you an up close and personal look at the origins of Elf Day, as well as easy ways you can celebrate.

Celebrating Elf Day fits right into our Homeschool Through The Holidays mindset.

Elf Day Origins

Elf day is celebrated on December 4th and is officially organized by the Alzheimer’s Association UK to bring awareness and raise funds for those suffering with dementia. Living with dementia, or a loved one with this condition is no fun at all – and Elf Day is a small way to take off some of the pressure.

Anyone can celebrate, and Elf day fits right in with the season.

How to Celebrate Elf Day

First you will want to look the part. (Unless you are already an elf, and then you’re good!) Homeschool Holiday has you covered. We have created a wonderful FREEBIE for you. This full size product is available in my Amped Up Learning Store completely FREE.

This $2.00 value is yours to help you Homeschool through the Holidays!

After you look the part you can celebrate Elf Day by eating elf sized foods (any thing mini is perfect), reading Elf books or watching your favorite Elf-tastic movies. Given that elves are often seen right along with Santa, just about any Holiday movie will do.

A favorite elf- food in our home are Elf made snowmen using mini powdered doughnuts. We made hats out of construction paper and used toothpicks to dab frosting to make the eyes and coal buttons. The “carrot” nose is a toothpick colored orange with a marker. More toothpicks were used for the snowmen’s arms. Stick pretzels also work if you have them on hand!

Don’t over- complicate the day.. part of Homeschooling through the Holidays is the ability to keep things simple, and have your activities blend into the natural flow of the day. Be sure to check out the post HERE for other easy ways to keep it real and squeeze in the learning during this busy time of year.

December Calendar

Be sure to visit our CALENDAR OF HOLIDAYS page to see the complete collection of Homeschool Holiday Curriculum available each month as well as a calendar of Holidays that give you and your family reasons to celebrate and the joy of memory making!

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