Spur of the Moment Concert!

At our Family Halloween – Spook Tacular, Aunt Anabel (Who is definitely in the running for the Aunt of the year!) told me about how she was taking her girls to the Billy Ray Cyrus concert and how a “special Cyrus” was going to make an appearance… Turns out her friend had 2 extra tickets, and I got to use Ruben’s ticket (thanks Coz!) !!! We went to the concert with the hope that the “special Cyrus” was Miley! Everyone, including Anabel and I were excited beyond belief. Esmeralda happens to be my God Daughter and she actually likes Billy Ray (As do I – I’m a country girl at heart!)

Here are the Girls before the concert, acting like Rock Stars!

Now, just seeing the concert is exciting in itself, and the prospect of the “special Cyrus” being none other than Hannah Montana was almost too much to take… but whether the girls realize it or not – the BEST part of this experience was that we were part of the “official” group that got to meet and take a picture with “Bobby Ray”… aka Billy Ray Cyrus!

For the moment you are going to have to trust me, because the photographs were taken by a professional and we have to wait for the marketing department to get them and give them to us – but can I just say… Billy Ray is tall and very handsome in person. I went right over for the picture leaving Anabel and the girls in the dust, lol! I think our little girls were a bit awestruck to see “Hannah’s Daddy”, but I was all over it!

Here are the 4 girls waiting for the Concert to begin…

We were in a small ballroom at a local casino and there were no bad seats! Another amazing thing that the girls are not quite old enough to appreciate – but I am!!!

Check out this happy lady:

The Concert was AWESOME. Everyone had a great time.

We took some great pictures of Billy Ray:

We waited patiently for the “special Cyrus” to make an appearance and found out we had made an interesting mistake… Miley was no where to be found… but Braison Cyrus came on stage for the Final song with his Guitar Player Mikey from his band Burning Down Boston. . . They sang “Wild Thing” with Billy Ray – it was Great… but yet another moment the Girls are a bit too young to appreciate. We got a picture of them with Braison so when he hits it big…

He was very sweet to kneel down to be more at level with the girls!
So there you have it… one day I’m sitting in a chair at a Halloween party and the next I’m rocking out with Billy Ray Cyrus!

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