Should I freak out?

The bugs are a complete muddy mess. They have dug a hole in the yard and filled it with water. They are taking “mud pies” and throwing them, splashing the mud all over the place, including themselves. The squeals of delight are what drew me to the yard.

Now, some back story…we live in my childhood home. My father still owns it…and he NEVER let us did, play or otherwise tamper with his “Forest” yard. What is he going to say when he sees what his grandchildren have done? (Turns out nothing, wimpy old man!) My dilemma is the conflict of letting them have fun and disciplining them for destroying part of the yard.Β  Not to mention their clothing!

However – I am secretly DELIGHTED – my bugs play together 99% of the time awesomely, and this is one of them. They are working as a team. They are laughing and having fun beyond measure. They are learning things I can never create in any lesson plan. How can I stop them… I don’t. When Daddy gets home he can figure out a way to fill in the hole and the kids now have muddy play clothes. The world will keep spinning.

I go back inside and get the camera. This is one for the scrapbooks!

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