Shaping little humans is tough business!

The job of teacher and Mom are some of the hardest on the planet. Some days I long for a job at a coffee shop where I just follow a recipe and “do my job”.

Teaching and homeschooling are not quite like that. Every child, and I mean EVERY CHILD is different. Even with over 20 years of experience, I still get thrown some pretty tough curve balls. Those balls dance, and sing before they cross home plate, and some days, I don’t think I have a chance of fielding them.

Hello – copywork. Copywork offers something for even my most diverse of learning styles. Copywork is: spelling, handwriting, grammar, reading and character education wrapped into one!

The character education part of copywork is my favorite, because I can find a meaningful quote for EACH CHILD (or student in my class) based on behaviors they are presenting.

Once my copywork routine is established, they don’t even realize I have “targeted” them in any way.

There is no wrong way to use copywork, this is simply how I used it in my home (and classroom). Feel free to adapt to your needs!

Learner reads the quote or passage aloud or the passage is read to them.

Learner traces over the passage. I imagine they are saying the words as they write them :-), I mean that’s what I do!

Learner copies the passage onto their own paper, working as neatly as they are able. For the youngest of learners tracing may be enough. This can be done daily, with the same quote, and the quote can be recited from memory at the end of the week, or it can simply be copied once.

The teacher should be mindful of age, ability and any learning challenges such as pencil grip, dysgraphia, or other possible processing differences.

Discuss the quote, what it means, who said it and how it applies to their life. – This is truly where the magic happens.

Have a child who is burning through money? “A penny saved, is a penny earned. ” Benjamin Franklin

Do you have a child who continually doesn’t reach their goals? “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” – Confucius

Struggling with a friend? “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” St. Thomas Aquinas

You can use ANYTHING for copywork. Even a favorite work of literature.

Because learners must take their time and COPY neatly, or be asked to re-do the work, the opportunity to praise is built in! Well selected copywork provides opportunity for discussion on CHARACTER and behaviors that make for good students as well as good humans!

If they don’t see the connection between the quotes and their life, keep trying. The connection will happen. “I’m sorry you don’t have money for a new Lego set. Remember when we did that copywork about a penny saved and earned? How do you think that might help? ”

September 28/29th (depending on the website referenced) is Confucius day. Confucius is the UTIMATE of all teachers. He represents exactly what it means to educate without discrimination. Confucius never refused a student because of his social standing. His only requirement was that his students possess a desire to learn.

Not to compare myself to someone so great, but this too is all I want in a student, that they possess a desire to learn. I hope if they have somehow lost their way I can inspire them with a little old-fashioned copywork.

In honor of his teachings, I put together this Copywork Pack of 7 different Confucius Quotes you can use in your home or classroom. There are also links / QR codes to short, informational videos about Confucius so your learners can get a sense of who he was as a person, and why the things he sad so long ago matter.

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