Science curriculum that (almost) teaches itself !

I’m a big proponent of self education. I don’t exactly leave the kids ALONE all day, but I like to leave them alone, as in giving them enough SPACE to discover things on their own, and then we talk about those discoveries and dig deeper. While the kids are schooling, I am also schooling. I model for them what learning looks like. This happened in BOTH my home and my classroom.

This week for the next installment in the Happy Hive Homeschooling product review series we are going to take a look at HOMEWORK – Science HOMEWORK to be exact. You don’t have to use the product as homework, it can be used in class, as homework or as a together assignment in your homeschool. It’s that versatile.

For those of you just joining our product review series this is only our second installment. You can catch up HERE. Each week we will present to you our honest review on products you can use with confidence in your homes, co-ops and classrooms to meet the needs of your learners. Each of them are created by teacher-authors like myself (small, family oriented businesses)*.

May I present to you: Light and Color Science Homework Experiment.

Available from Teacher Toy Shop on Amped Up Learning for $3.50

 Science (unless it comes naturally to you ) is an area as parents, we doubt our ability to be the “teachers” and in my experience as a curriculum coach, lean the most on curriculum. Forgive me if I am projecting!

Can I let you in on a secret. My two oldest took actual SCIENCE classes because I doubted my abilities as a science teacher as they reached High School. And, as a classroom teacher I had a Science teacher as my mentor both when I began teaching in the late 1990’s up until I left the classroom. The scientific brain is a wonder. GOOD CURRICULUM IS ESSENTIAL.

In my experience, textbooks never explained adequately WHAT was supposed to happen in an experiment or WHY it was supposed to happen. I needed my mentor to explain so many of the GAPS the the teacher’s manuals of the day had. But NO MORE!

Teachers’ Toy Shop has a line of products that not only meets those needs for the educator, but are EXTREMELY engaging to the learner.

Nancy was a middle school Science teacher for 11 years, however she writes her curriculum in an easy to follow format that is NOT for the Science specialist. I mean this with the utmost respect – who, after all is buying Science curriculum!?! It’s those of us that don’t entirely *get* Science. We need all the help we can!

The Light and Color Homework available for $ 3.50, asks learners to first answer a series of questions, then color a simple picture using markers or crayons. The questions follow the Scientific Method using a gentle tone rather than : these are the steps of the Scientific Method every scientist uses, blah blah blah. For example, the Hypothesis section states:

HYPOTHESIS: What do you guess is the answer to the problem? Why?

Having the steps of the Scientific Method labeled and use kid friendly language in this manner allows learners to become familiar with it in an unobtrusive way – especially for those who shy away from Science.

Included in the Science Homework Light and Color packet you will find: teacher notes, a reproducible lab sheet for your learners, the after experiment teacher (parent) notes which explain (with a photo) what learners will have observed, along with a kid-friendly explanation. (This means we under stand it too teacher-moms!) It also includes real-world applications.

For example – In the Light and Color Experiment, learners can draw other scenes to produce the same effect. They can “trick” their friends at the next book club meeting and then you will know they understand the concept.

Nancy also has experience with teaching Math, which isn’t surprising as Math and Science are so closely related. Nancy not only has extensive classroom experience, but also spent over 10 years working for various companies making educational toys and games. She is currently a freelance writer for educational publishers as well as a curriculum developer for her business Teacher Toy Store on both Amped Up Learning and Teacher’s Pay Teachers.

As a classroom Teacher Nancy sought to assign MEANINGFUL Science homework in which students could make discoveries at home. This is what lead to her creation of her line of HOMEWORK SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS. There are currently 6 items in this line. Separately this would cost $22.00, Teacher Toy Shop has them bundle priced for $11.00 for all 6!

A big PLUS aside from parents and teachers understanding the material is that everything you need are BASIC items you would have at home with no further expectation that students would need to purchase anything – meaning these Homework Experiments are print and go ready! That’s right up this busy homeschool mom’s alley!

Another great aspect of this line of curriculum is the shock value. The experiments result in a surprise ending. In my Light and Color experiment, an image appeared before my eyes. It was very cool! I could not wait for one of my children to wake up so I could try it out on them! This is the EXACT reaction you want your learners to have.

Nancy has two school aged children who occupy most of her time, however when she can she enjoys astronomy (with or without telescopes) and taking pictures of her kids. I may just have to convince her to meet up some time so we can compare pictures and perhaps scrapbook together, which is what I like to do in my spare time! (We both live in California!)

You are welcome to purchase any of the individual Homework Science Activites- however as I mentioned, Teacher Toy Shop does have 6 that are available as a BUNDLE

The Bundle comes with: Light & Eyes, States of Matter, STEM Engineering , Light and Color (reviewed here) Density, & Sound Waves.

If you have been wondering how to help your students, or a child in your home engage with Science, start with the Science Homework Experiments available from Teacher Toy Shop. They get the Happy Hive seal of approval.

You can also connect with Teacher Toy Shop on Facebook.

Until next time – Be blessed friends!

Mrs. Crabtree

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