Recreating Pictures

Since the initial Disney Schooling year we had in 2011, Disney passes have been important to our family. Every family vacations differently. This is what we do. 

Anyway, it’s fun to experience the same thing as the bugs age. As a matter of fact, our first Family trip I was pregnant with Douglas, so he can say he has been going to Disneyland since before he was born! 

I have a few cherished pictures that I want to recreate, so today since we were having an easy day due to my surgery, we did one of them. 

We didn’t go so far as trying to match outfits and all, and due to building the new Star Wars land, we couldn’t get the same spot. 

It works for me. Feeding the ducks was a FAVORITE activity. More than rides. Heaven forbid I forgot the bread. Seriously that was a crime. 

Those memories stay with me now that my teenagers barely have time to talk to me before noon.

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