US States and Capitals with Major League Baseball teams too!


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Learning the states and capitals has never been so engaging. With our Map the Majors activity your baseball fan can combine their love of America’s pastime with US map skills!

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In many ways, this is the product that started it all. Back as a very young teacher, before the internet was a thing I was writing my own curriculum and rotating 4th graders through “centers”. It was spring, and Baseball season had just started so I designed 5 different Baseball themed activities. My students used the classroom set of encyclopedias to look up the cities and “Map the Majors”. Their absolute excitement was addicting and every year I wrote more and more of my own lessons…leaving the expensive “research-based” Teacher’s manuals on the shelf.

I hope your students enjoy the experience now, with the help of modern technology as much as mine did in the age of encyclopedias!

You can use this to celebrate the accomplishments of Home Run Heroes: Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and the current Career Home Run Record holder, Barry Bonds who became the leader on August 7, 2007.

You can also use it at the start of the season, or as an engaging way to learn about States in the United States. It also makes a great way to highlight what is known as the “Dog Days of Summer”  The stretch from July to August that tends to be the hottest. 


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