The Sensational Six


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The Six most Beloved characters in the Walt Disney Company are affectionately referred to as The Sensational Six. Celebrate their “birthday’s” : Their Cartoon Premiers!

Mickey Mouse = November 18, 1928

Minnie Mouse = November 18, 1928

Pluto = August 18th, 1930

Goofy = May 12, 1932

Donald Duck = June 9,1934

Daisy Duck = January 9. 1937

For each character there is a brief history, information about their first animated appearances as well as some fun facts.ย I have linked to the best quality version of the cartoons mentioned as possible, for educational / historic purposes only.

If you find broken links, please contact me so I may fix them and update the resource for the community, as this is a free resource offered over multiple dates throughout the year.

I have also included a brief explanation of the literary terms personification and anthropomorphism. This is aimed at older learners in grades 5 and above.

There are Comic Book Templates, a Cartoon Discussion guide as well as a link to a short video on the 5 Types of Animation all included for extension activities.

My hope is that this resource is a blessing to you and adds celebration to your home or classroom!ย 

โ€“ Mrs. Crabtree