Photo Scavenger Hunt Freebie


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Celebrate Camera Day, June 29th  with our Photo Scavenger Hunt Freebie! This family Friendly activity is suitable for multiple ages.

There are 3 different *levels* of photo scavenger hunts for your use. The beginner level includes pictures to help the youngest learners on their quest.

The mid level hunt has general, less specific items for learners to find. The third and most advanced hunt contains the most detailed, specific list for learners to find.

Some ideas for using the lists:

  • Set a time limit, the winner finds the most items
  • Give unlimited time, and the first to find all items wins
  • Because it is a PHOTO scavenger hunt the pictures can also contain selfies, or a repeated item such as every picture must contain your hand, stuffed animal, or your ID card, etc.

The sample Scavenger Hunts are part of our larger Scavenger Hunt Mega Pack! This set includes 25 different scavenger hunts for hours of family fun!

I hope this Freebie, and the products you purchase from us add a bit of “Celebration” into your home and classroom!