Oreo Cookie Taste Test


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This is Family Fun just WAITING for your next trip to the grocery store. Eat an Oreo Cookie day is June 19th, but our Oreo cookie taste test activity is great for birthday parties, family game nights, or just to beat the summertime blues!

With the included supplemental activities your family won’t even realize they are learning all about tally marks, data analysis and making pictographs! This is the kind of Math activity that is a MEMORY MAKER! Designed for use in the classroom, this activity works just as well at home with a few minor modifications!

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Each participant only needs 1/2 to 1 cookie of each flavor; it’s your choice. Using 5 cookies that would be …haha 5 full cookies if they ate them all full sized. Have parents donate, or bring in the 5 different flavors yourself.

Be sure none of the participants have allergies to nuts, soy or dye before conducting this experiment.

I recommend having a bottle of water for each learner so they can “rinse” after each taste.

This activity can be done over several days, or as one long afternoon event depending on the extension activities you choose. You may need volunteers to help you run the event, and you will need brown lunch bags to hide the cookies in.

Here is what’s included:

  • Instructions for implementation
  • Sample Family Letter 2 Versions
  • Taste Test Recording Sheet
  • Tally Mark Recording Sheets (2 different)
  • Picture Graph Poster Color (8.5 x 11)
  • Picture Graph poster Grey Scale (8.5 x 11)
  • Picture Graph Student Size Mini Posters – 4 per page
  • Picture Graph Student Worksheet
  • Images for students to create cookie picture graphs
  • Award for Most Accurate Cookie Tester

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I hope you and your students enjoy Eat an Oreo Cookie Day as much as I did!

May your Educational Journey Be Blessed!

– Mrs. Crabtree