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Our products are designed to coordinate with fun holidays throughout the year. This NAME GRAPH activity is designed to accompany National Skyscraper Day – September 3. It also makes a great Sub Tub Activity or “5-minute filler” for one of *those* days!


Everything you need to create an awesome NAME GRAPH for National Skyscraper Day is in this pack – just print and go – OR have kids use their OWN graph paper!


I realize you could easily take this idea and go with it yourself, But educator to educator, I hope the Dollar Deal saves you time and gives you a FUN project you can use with your class!


Here is what you get:



NAME CITY GRAPH PAPER set up with 17 spaces for student first and last name on top and the number along the bottom.

Sample Name Graph Completed for you in color as well as Black and white you can print or project

The alphabet, and their correlating numbers you can print or project for students. (Each letter correlates with its numerical place in the alphabet. The letter M would be a skyscraper that is 13 “stories” high for example.)

TIP: A set of 4 squares counts as – 1 square to color in. This gives the Name Graph City some depth.

When complete each child has a unique one-of-a-kind skyscraper.



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May your Educational Journey Be Blessed!


Christy, AKA Mrs. Crabtree and the Homeschool Holiday Team