Me on a Map


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The  ME on a Map flipbook takes your students on a journey from their self-portrait to their planet! Learning world geography and our place in space has never been so fun – or so EASY!

I called this the “Where in the world am I?” Flipbook and I used this fun resource in both my home and my classroom. Designed to help kids understand how they fit into the big wide world – this is the perfect opportunity for a beginning of the school year geography lesson. Kids get to: “Show me on a map!”

 Homeschool Holiday Products are designed to accompany unique holidays throughout the year, and this can also be used to celebrate: READ A MAP DAY, April 5th.

Print the Paper version, color, cut, and assemble to have a unique one-of-a-kind flipbook! 

I designed some of the pages in both color and black and white to give you the options you need to fit the learners YOU work with!

As you take a look at the preview, you will notice I put the grass/dots along the “my house”, “my street”, and blank “my city” pages to act as a border so students would not draw below that area. This helps with assembly so the page titles are all that show when assembled.

For the “My City” page, there is a blank as well as an outline map of all 50 states, just print off the one you need and guide learners to draw their state or where to put your state capital and the city you live in.


The only other instructions needed are to cut around the solid black lines, line up at the top, and staple 2 – 3 times along the top edge.

These flipbooks make a great display for Open House or on your homeschool Brag Wall!



An 8 PAGE flipbook contains pages for:

ME: A self-portrait of the child

HOUSE: Draw your house, kids can include their address if you wish.

STREET: Draw a map of your street. Simple or detailed, the requirements are up to you!

CITY: All 50 states are included, print the state you need and guide your learners where to place a DOT for their city, and a STAR for the state capital.

STATE: Color YOUR state on a map of the United States.

COUNTRY: Color the map of the United States

CONTINENT: Color the map of North America, and North America by itself

PLANET: The instructions ask the learner to label and color all the planets. They are also asked to circle the one they live on. This is designed to add a little FUN and humor to the project! 

The ME ON A MAP flipbook can be completed in an afternoon or over several days.

Pair it easily  with popular children’s literature like: 

Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney

Where do I live by Neil Chesanow

There’s a Map on my Lap – A Cat in the Hat Learning Library Book by Tish Rabe


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Homeschool Holiday resources are designed by a credentialed teacher and packed with learning opportunities – after all, our major guiding principle is “everything is learning”. We reference the major academic terms and overarching concepts addressed rather than specific standards. You are the expert in your field and know what standards you need to meet, and how best to accomplish that for your learners. Our goal is to save you time by giving you resources you can use to give your learners a quality education built on strong relationships, accurate academic resources, and enriching experiences. 









Homeschool Holiday recognizes the deep love you have for those in your home and classroom, yourself included. Our products are designed to foster that love and your commitment to a quality education built on strong relationships, accurate academic resources, and enriching experiences. 


With Homeschool Holiday – there is always something to Celebrate!


– Christy,  AKA Mrs. Crabtree, and the Homeschool Holiday Team