History of US Postage Rates


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Learning about the History of US postage rates can be done to celebrate US Postage day, July 1st or as part of a study of colonial times! There is a rich history including the time before the Revolutionary War when Benjamin Franklin was the postmaster General for the 13 colonies!

You will discover when postage stamps were first used in the United States as well as what the procedure was before stamps were required.

The History of Stamps includes a look at the Pony Express, Forever Stamps and even the addition of Zip Codes!

This resource is ready to go with no additional requirements from you. You receive a link to a Google Slide presentation so you can present the History of Stamps to your learners yourself. You can also use the Homeschool Holiday original video in which Mrs. Crabtree presents the History of Stamps – using the same google presentation – but without stopping to show the additional you tube videos linked in the slide presentation.

There are printable handouts of the slide presentation for learners to follow along, or for independent learners to complete on their own as well as a fact sheet of important dates in USPS history. This gives a wonderful overview of the history of stamps! 

To organize the history of US postage rates, your kids will enjoy creating a modern looking mail box shape book. This book comes in both a full color as well as color your own options with blank inside pages.

As a culmination project, learners can use our design your own stamp templates to let their creativity flow. They can summarize the history of stamps, create a set of family stamps, or make something completely their own unique style!

If you would like to get JUST these design your own postage Stamp Templates free, you can grab them in our FREEBIES section.

The last section is a “pretend play” stamps and postcard set where learners can use the stamps (full color or color your own) to send postcards. The postcards are designed by the learner too!

I’m excited for you to  embark on the journey of US postage rates in your home and  bring the Celebration that learning about the holiday of the day brings!  

If you would like to learn more about US Postage Stamp Day, July 1st check out our  blog post: The Study of Stamps and Postal History

– Mrs. Crabtree