Famous Quotes From Confucius


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Confucius is often considered one of the most influential humans in history. Using famous quotes from Confucius as copywork will help train little minds in the areas of thinking, how we treat others and so much more. 

Confucianism is not an organized religion, rather a way of life that provides rules for thinking and living that focus on love for humanity, respect for elders, and self-discipline. 

The 7 famous quotes from Confucius in this set of copywork come in 3 styles: TRACE, Print, and Cursive so you can choose what works best for the students you are working with. 

This print-and-go set of famous Confucius quotes can be completed all in one day, or over 7 days, by using one quote a day. Students are able to make mindset shifts and discuss their thoughts when inspired by great thinking. You’ll save time by not having to research and weed through quote after quote yourself, everything you need is here! 

At the end of the set of copywork you’ll find a curated set of videos for kids about Confucius so they can dig deeper. You can assign a summary about what they have learned, or another form of narration.  These are included to save you time and hours of searching on your own. 

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