Everyday Celebrations

While these resources *might* have a specific holiday, there really are no rules and you can make memories anytime! If you are looking for something to help you decompress or just break out of the day-to-day routine. We suggest adding in a little CELEBRATION! Choose from any Homeschool Holiday resource, but these are adaptable to anytime of the year!

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  1. OMgoodness those bugs are growing up!!! Love your lesson plan! Those books rock. They were some of Bailee\’s favs. Logan learned to read with his fav comic book…what can I say…sometimes ya just gotta go with it! LOL Oh and btw…I secretly LOVE school supplies. I hoard them! tee hee

  2. Hi Gang,I can not believe how grown up the bugs look in these pictures. I am so proud of all of them, moving on up a grade! Good Idea on loosing the shoes! I think Doug is becoming more and more like you Christy, with that glitter glue, scrapbooking here he comes. Good luck! Well, I miss you you guys!

  3. What a great day for the bugs!! The Indianapolis Children\’s Museum has a Dinosphere…I think you should take a field trip there! LOL But if you ever need pictures…I\’ve got your hook up!!

  4. Wow – you are so meant to be a teacher! Great idea. I took my bug to the Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center and we went on the Rock Walk – Saturday mornings at 9 and we got to collect 12 rocks each ($7) They talk about dinosaurs on the walk. Very homey place run by complete volunteers, our tour guide was probably 12 years old!

  5. Very visual lesson, cute!! how did you get that little blurb on your photo?

  6. Has school been on hiatus?? I wanna learn some more LOL

  7. I see YOUR GIRLS made an appearance that evening too, ROFLMAO! very cool

  8. has school resumed since this big night? šŸ™‚

  9. My oldest just got glasses and my daughter was disappointed and left pouting too. She wanted me to order her non-prescription glasses at $100 for the frames so she could be fashionable-NOT! Douglas looks cute in them! Shame on you Christy for being in denial šŸ™‚ Love ya anyhow!

  10. He looks so cute in his glasses. Bailee\’s eyes started crossing when she was 10 months old and I thought it was \”cute\” until she didn\’t stop. After corrective surgery (which is pretty quick and painless…except for the EYEBALL stitches!!), patching, bi-focals, … she is now in just \”regular\” glasses for being far-sighted. They say the vision stablizes around 7-8yo, so it is good to get it taken care of before then so that it can be reversible. Trust me, Bailee is almost 13 and we have been dealing with it for 12 years!! Ever try to keep glasses on a 1yo???

  11. Your sites are awesome! We loved seeing what everyone is up to, please let Anthony know we said hello.

  12. From the Blackmore home, reside two lovely pit bull dogs; Molly and Rooster. Molly is 3 years old, and Rooster is 13 years old. Did you know that for every \”dog\” year, it represents 7 \”people\” years? That would make Molly 7×3=21, and Rooster 7×13 = 91!

  13. Dear Mrs. Crabtree and resident bugs:The Helms have pretty much run a zoo! Currently residing:1 chocolate lab, Toby1 Jack Russell, Russell1 White Schnauzer, Baxter1 BLACK CAT, Lucifer ( lives up to his name, that\’s for sure!) Would be the Pharoah of Egypt if possible! Gone on to that Great Pyramid in the Sky:1 pot-bellied pig, Wilbur1 iguana, Liz2 guinea pigsNumerous miniature frogs3 cockatiels, Shadrach, Meshach, and AbednegoThis does not include the 5 boys! ;0)

  14. In the Scott household resides one very large dog J.D.,however he doesn\’t think he\’s a dog. We also have several\”chipmunks\” aka squirrels and one very stinky cat who have adopted us.

  15. Let\’s see, we have…1 Great Dane2 Cats1 Bearded Dragon2 Weasels1 CockatielI can\’t wait to see the graph all the bugs come up with!

  16. 2 dogs…and we are about to inherit 2 turtles as soon as we go to the lake! Can\’t wait to see the graph!!

  17. We have two little dog's (Mojo & Dutch) and Grandpa Warriner that live's right next door has 7 cats, and A million and One Chickens. Ok not that many put it sure looks like it. Big Hugs~ And good luck with the charts.

  18. creativity is worth the mess…next less…\”clean up! clean up! everybody…everywhere…clean up! clean up! everybody do your share\”…gotta love Barney! ROFL Hey…call it their music lesson!!

  19. Neat, kinda reminds me of a place around here where you learn how the Lenape Indians lived. Love the family picture!

  20. although cats didn\’t trail far behind those dogs šŸ™‚

  21. That is so cool!! I am glad they had fun and that daddy got to come along. That nature place looks cool!!

  22. What a perfect day! I have a great book called \”The Great Kapok Tree\” by Lynn Cherry, and it has wonderful info. about the rain forest. I'll dig it out and get it to you right away if you'd like.

  23. Very cool Christie! I love your blog it was fun to get updates last year of what was going on at the Gandara Bug Academy. What a great day the kids looked thrilled with their new stuff and what a beautiful day to enjoy nature. I have some Rainforest books if you need more. Heather

  24. Logan is VERY happy we only fed him…our house is not a wreck AND we got candy!! šŸ˜›

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  26. Christy, thank you so much for this wonderful review. I do work very hard on my teaching resources and make sure they meet the Common Core Standards.

  27. This article was insightful for me. I have been a classroom teacher for many years, thinking those who homeschooled didn’t believe in public education. But, you are showing me a different side of homeschooling. Helpful information, thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful. We need all forms of education to have a complete system. As a private school myself (what homeschooling really is) I must work in tandem with the local public schools. I need partner-ships not pirate ships I always say! Thank you for Buzzing by the Homeschool Holiday Hive! – Christy

  28. There are so many amazing dogs with such varied personalities. I love it when a dog starts acting like its owner. Happy Dog Day!