Private School

Did you know I ACTUALLY don’t HOME school… I run a Private School – IN MY HOME… that’s what ALL homeschool families do in California. My homeschool is just as legal and official as those tuition charging, fundraising, uniform requiring private schools attached to religious institutions. My children, and the children enrolled in the Happy Hive Satellite Program, have the HONOR and PLEASURE of attending the Gandara Bug Academy Private School.

So when people ask your children where they go to school, you can, if you wish, be truthful and state – “We attend a Private School”… or, like we do – be loud, and PROUD and tell them you homeschool!

P. S. These three have not grown up. They are addicted to Go-Go squeeze. We had no such invention when they were small enough to use them, so they are making up for lost time. So much for higher education!

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