Playing Dress Up – with your pets!

This holiday is perfect for any budding photographer! Who doesn’t like to see their kids all dressed up in matching outfits – even the furry kids? January 14th, National Dress Your Pet Day is a fun holiday you can celebrate by giving a little extra attention to those special members of your family: Your pets!

How to Celebrate Dress Your Pet Day

Taking care of animals can be a big responsibility. Dress Your Pet Day should be celebrated with that same responsibility. Please treat all animals with care and only dress them up with adult supervision and if your pet is a willing participant. It’s also not a good idea to reach into the fishbowl.

However, if getting dressed in cute outfits is something your cat, dog ( or snake!) enjoys – that’s a great way to celebrate. You can even honor your furry friend on Dress Your Pet Day with a special trip to the groomers!

The evolution of dressing our pets

It is believed the Ancient Egyptians were the first to place collars on dogs as a decorative item back in 3100 BC. The pet clothing industry has evolved quite a bit since then, making about a 40 million dollars annually. Pets even have their own iconic event: the New York Pet Fashion Show. This special event has been highlighting pets as rescue animals, their owners and pet high fashion since 2003!

What if we don’t have pets? Or we have exotic, non “Dressable” pets?

If you’d like to celebrate Dress Your Pet Day without causing the family pet to run and hide, or perhaps you don’t have a pet, Homeschool Holiday has the perfect ready to go activity! Pet Paper Dolls!

This adorable collection of pet dressing fun contains 10 different pets for you to dress in a variety of outfits. The best part is learners get to design and color the fashion items themselves. The set contains a DOG, CAT, TURTLE, HAMSTER, FISH, BUNNY, SNAKE, GUINNEA PIG, MOUSE, and BIRD. The Dog and Cat are also included as full color versions!

By using a repositionable adhesive (available at your local craft store or online) the “pets” can be dressed over and over. Then when learners decide they like their look, use some glue, add a craft stick and your family can put on a pet fashion show like no other!

As a BONUS your purchase comes with 15 different animal coloring pages your artist can color any way they would like, including adding hats and shoes to a whale!

This is a fun holiday you can celebrate on January 14th – or anytime really!

Need more ideas – Check out THIS POST about using stuffed animals!

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