Never Forget

19 years…. I was born in New Jersey. Moved to California when I was six. But if I click my heels three times and say: “There’s no place like home” I will end up in my Aunt’s kitchen in New Jersey… my summer home all my growing years.

We went to “The City” often. There is only one “City” and it is THE city. Not to mention when the plan lands in Newark the famous skyline was always my first welcome home. My last visit was 21 years ago for my honeymoon. In some ways I want to remember THAT – perhaps I will visit THE CITY again.

Until I do, the television in my mind replays the events of 19 years ago. The odd reason I turned on the television at 6 am in the first place. My inability to understand that was a commercial airliner and not something like a Cessna or a bigger version, but NOT a commercial airliner. I can remember riding to work and hearing the first tower fell. I couldn’t comprehend what that meant either. I felt 10 years old. I can’t imagine the reality of the city. I still can’t imagine their reality.

September 11, 2001 I was the worst teacher I have ever, ever been in my entire LIFE. I didn’t say ANYTHING to my students. Not a word. I waited for recess to call my Aunt to make sure all my cousins were ok. They were, – just “stranded” trying to get out of THE city.

There were people far more critically impacted that day but I was paralyzed. I taught like a robot. Went home and watched over and over still not understanding.

As I continued to work with children, I always gave them an assignment to interview an adult, to have the adult recall their memory of when they heard. The kids don’t understand, that assignment was, and always will be for the adults.

Those that lost their lives that day are just as valuable to our country as those of the Revolutionary war, Civil war, Vietnam, and every battle, war, conflict and military operation so that America remains a Free county. I have, and always will honor our Firefighter, Police and Military personnel who dedicate their lives to make our lives better, safer and free.

There are many activities out there to remember the events of September 11th. The simplest is to talk about it. Have your child call a relative and just ask them what they remember about this day 19 years ago. Call 2 or 3 and compare stories. Tell them YOUR STORY. Read books. Write letters to local police, fire and military – THANK THEM for their service.

I have no curriculum to sell you today. Just memories to share.

I hope your journey is blessed!

Mrs. Crabtree

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