National Coloring Book Day

History of National Coloring Book Day

National Coloring Book day stems from the modern craze in “Adult” coloring books… At Happy Hive Homeschooling, we believe coloring is an ageless activity and has many benefits.

two people using colored pencils to color in an Adult Coloring book.

The first coloring book for children was invented in 1879 by The McLoughlin Brothers, a New York publishing firm that was later sold to Milton Bradley.

The Little Folks’ Painting Book, was a critical step in making “coloring books” popular among children.

You see, ADULTS had been learning to paint with “books you color yourself” for some time. So Adult coloring books were truly the first coloring books.

Painting Books –

Wax crayons were not invented until 1903, therefore watercolors were the way in which these early books were colored by adults, and children alike. They were not called coloring books as we call them today, but instead were called “painting books.”

Coloring as Enrichment –

Adding color makes a picture come to life. Coloring books are for fun and in no way should replace other forms of art especially drawing on your own. If your learner enjoys coloring by all means let them color. Coloring pages make a creative addition to lessons and art activities but are not something the Happy Hive use as busywork.

Coloring pages can be used to complement lessons, to relax, or to introduce a topic. Using crayons, colored pencils, pastels or even watercolor paints as they did in the beginnings of coloring books,  your coloring can truly be a work of art.

Young girl using crayons to color geometric designs.

“Coloring Books” from Homeschool Holiday –

Homeschool Holiday has put together a unique coloring product you won’t find anywhere else! Divided into 2 sections this pack of coloring pages contains 40 different coloring pages for your enjoyment!

Cover Page for the Homeschool Holiday Coloring Pages designed to help you celebrate National Coloring Book Day.

Our Detailed Designs Coloring Pages line contains holiday-themed pages and some additional “general” coloring pages for any time use. They use a variety of related large shapes in a repeated pattern to create the coloring design.

The Mighty Mosaics Coloring Pages are along the line of the “adult” coloring books with intricate patterns to color. Each contains a title of what we call a HERO quality you can use as vocabulary or a springboard for discussion.

You can take a look at the preview in the video below!

Landing page graphic inviting you to sign up for the BUZZ email list. As a thank you, you will receive the Homeschool Holiday National Coloring Book day set of 4 coloring pages.

How to Celebrate National Coloring Book Day

Celebrate National Coloring book day with the Free Printable Coloring Pages from Homeschool Holiday or by :

  • Creating your own coloring book by drawing line art for a younger sibling or friend
  • Host a coloring party where everyone comes over to color (Give a new box of crayons to all!)
  • Host a coloring contest
  • Splurge on some new coloring supplies

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