My Best Organization Advice for Busy Families

Tried and true. It has worked for the 16 years I have used it. You see, I had 3 kids in 4 years. I was a baby maker. And if you know me, you’re laughing because I didn’t want kids. I was happy with “my kids” that said meow, and the kids in my classroom every day – so the kind I actually had to change diapers for were not on my to do list.

I needed to be organized. After my 3rd child was born I was blessed to be able to stay home. That did NOT make life easier. I was as busy as ever. Something had to give. I had a newborn, a 1 year old and a 2 year old. I made the best decision of my life, and we still use this method of organization today.

My children are color coded. My oldest is RED, my middle is BLUE and my youngest is GREEN. Sometimes Red gets Pink – and she doesn’t mind. It’s understood that is her stuff. Dishes, towels, school supplies, bed sheets – you name it if it comes in these three colors – I buy it!

These dishes saved my life. It is so easy to organize when the kids are color coded!

Lauren – you towel is in the bathroom, please put it where it belongs. Ok mamma! What can she say? She can’t claim it isn’t hers! It was red! The consequence for using items that are NOT your color are punishable by death. So that never happened. Okay, well, not quite death, but I have to admit – it was so NORMAL – they never tried! I suppose if this system gets put into place with children who need to adapt to it, you would 100% need a meaningful consequence for using items that don’t belong to you.

I remember being upset I couldn’t find Green Pajamas this particular year. But notice the head wear! Spot on!
Even Santa color codes. He doesn’t even use gift tags. They just know.
This was a much Merrier Christmas – all Pajamas fell into proper color categories. Imagine the shear bliss had I found Green Snowflake Pajamas. I would have swooned!
The Easter Baskets are color coded, and if you look – they each have Peeps (the purple were close enough I guess ) – but you get the idea…the idea I’m a bit crazy!

I know homeschool families often have many children, but this would still work.

The most important things to color code are the towels and the dishes. I’m the only crazy who extends it onto pajamas and gift wrap!

The Core of the system is HOUSEHOLD items, dishes, towels – things that get left around. You want those items to be easily identified so they can get back to their rightful owner and the rightful owner can take responsibility for their actions.

This set comes with 9 different colors:

Now that we have outgrown the plastic dishes, I still use the system. I simply leave them notes on the counter with chores using paper in their color. In a pinch I write on white paper using markers in Red, Blue and Green. Same effect.

Feel free to share your tips for organizing with us! We hope your Educational Journey is blessed!

Mrs. Crabtree

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