Music in YOUR homeschool- Yes indeed!

So far in my product review series I have addressed some of the more “challenging” subjects for homeschool families to address curriculum wise: Writing, Upper Level Math, Science, & Foreign Language (Spanish).

Today we are going to look at Music! It’s so much more than “do, a deer, a female deer” and listening to a variety of music through a streaming service! You can provide lessons and a trip to the library…but what if you want your learners to really learn music, and music theory? In waltzes Music in Our Homeschool .

Getting to know the Music Teacher

Gena is a homeschool mom with 8 children. She holds a Bachelor of Music Education as well as a Masters in Vocal Pedagogy (teaching music) and has spent many years teaching music in schools and homeschool settings. Gena loves music and wants to share that passion with others. She has a full blog, online courses and TONS of freebies on her website Music in Our Homeschool.

Music in Our Homeschool provides:

Online music courses

Reviews of music products

FREE music products and lessons

Helpful tips for including music in your homeschool

They also have a FULL store of products published under: I choose Joy Publishing.

A complete curriculum for under $30

I had the pleasure of receiving “A Folk Song a Week” curriculum for Elementary. This in itself is a COMPLETE curriculum, easy to use and requires absolutely NO music ability whatsoever! It’s perfectly homeschool friendly, and as a classroom teacher, I would absolutely keep this on hand for “emergencies”!!

A Folk Song a Week elementary music curriculum
$27.00 for all 36 weeks of curriculum

Each folk song has printable PDF lyrics and sheet music as well as background music about the song. There is a link to a video of someone singing the song and 3 variations of copywork practice. (Not familiar with copywork? You can check out my post about it HERE) There is also a related coloring page you can use and suggestions for supplementing the song with literature when possible. This curriculum explores classic songs like Take me out to the Ball Game, and Oh Susanna. Music that is appealing to learners of all ages and not stuffy by any means.

I was completely impressed with the care that went into this curriculum. (So much so I signed up for the free course sampler, see below.)

So much more than written curriculum

If you want to dive even DEEPER – Music in our Homeschool offers fully online courses. There is even a 20 course sampler you can try for FREE. The sampler is for multiple ages and dabbles in all the courses offered by Music in Our Homeschool. After my students and I finish exploring the sampler and the folk songs this fall, you can bet we will be taking more of Music in Our Homeschool ‘s courses. I am can not carry a tune if it is strapped into a car seat, and with the curriculum purchased (and freebies) through Music in Our Homeschool & I Choose Joy publishing, I’m a rock star! I’m certain you will find similar, if not better results.

It’s delightful curriculum, and I love not only Gena’s enthusiasm for what she does… I find parallels in her love for music in my love for holidays! I also found it completely thrilling that another business has created multiple facets in the way I have. Gena has I Choose Joy as well as Music in Our Homeschool, while I have Happy Hive Homeschooling and Homeschool Holiday... we are kindred spirits you might say!

Until next time – Be blessed friends!

Mrs. Crabtree

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