Tourist Appreciation Day

Tourism (all activity related to people traveling outside of where they normally live) is a billion dollar industry – and it relies on the TOURIST! Tourist Appreciation day is a great opportunity to look at the tourism industry as well as take the opportunity to travel yourself!

A tourist is defined as any person traveling away from what is considered their usual social environment for the purpose of conducting business, social reasons (like a wedding or family reunion) or for pleasure. In order to be classified as a tourist, a person must stay at the location for longer than 24 hours and less than one year.

Anytime you and your family have traveled and met these conditions – you were a tourist! Perhaps you have fantastic destinations in your city that attract visitors. Those visitors are tourists too! They are “touring” the city that YOU live in, just as you tour the places you visit.

Some ways you can celebrate Tourist Appreciation Day

Plan your dream trip – research cost, places to visit while there, etc. Present the idea to your parents for fun.

Re-visit a place you have already been by creating a photo album of the trip. Preserve the memories with a bit of writing to describe the pictures.

“Tour” somewhere new in your local area – even though it doesn’t qualify as being a true tourist, it’s always a good opportunity to see something new! Create a Travel Brochure (I have a FREE printable for you to use!) of the place you visited!

Take a Virtual Trip to the most popular tourist destination – France. Use the links in the FREE PACKET I put together for today! It is a sample of the full TRAVEL THE WORLD set available in my curriculum line! To get this Virtual Field Trip to FRANCE just visit the FREEBIE section of the Homeschool Holiday store!

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