March 27 – National Scribble Day

International Scribble Day is based on the book “I’m Not just a Scribble…” by Diane Alber. The book not only teaches kindness and acceptance, It shows us that “Great art starts with a Scribble!”

The author has created FREE lesson plans to go with her amazing book. You can download them from Teachers Pay Teachers.

When I was a little girl, my mom would keep me busy by putting a “Scribble” on a piece of paper and it was up to me to make a picture out of the scribble. I LOVED this activity and it kept me busy for hours. Something as simple as this:

Even if you don’t have the book, celebrating today is easy… just put some scribbles on paper and GO! You can use this FREE worksheet to organize your scribbles if you’d like.

Think Scribble art is only for little kids? Teens and adults can do it too. Check out this blogger who takes the scribbles created by their 3 year old and turns them into GENUINE works of art. It’s called: Finish the Scribble Game.

I also have a complete Activity Pack available in my Teacher’s Pay Teachers store as well as my Amped Up Learning Store you can get for today for just $1.25.

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