March 27th is National Scribble Day

National Scribble Day is based on the book “I’m Not just a Scribble…” by Diane Alber. The book not only teaches kindness and acceptance, It shows us that “Great art starts with a Scribble!” Anytime I can include creative activities into my day, I’m all over it. I encourage you if you are able to add this book to your homeschool library. If not, you may want to participate “off season” so that you can find it in your local library. There are no rules about when you celebrate the holiday of the day! These national scribble day activities are good anytime of the year!

collage image showing book cover: I'm not just a scribble by Diane Alder as well as activity ideas from homeschool holiday. One is a digital activity for google slides, the other is a free draw activity.
After reading the book, creating your own scribbles is a great way to show you are more than just a scribble!

How to celebrate National Scribble Day

Celebrating National Scribble day is easy! You don’t even need to purchase activities. (Just to keep it real.) The author has created FREE lesson plans to go with her amazing book. You can download them from Teachers Pay Teachers. She also has adorable National Scribble day stickers. These are HARD to resist, especially if you have young artists. They add the perfect touch to adorable scribbles! They tend to be hard to get the actual brand, but there are many similar styles available that work the same. If it matters to you you may want to see if the stickers are clear or if they are white. A clear sticker with just the black drawing will allow the artwork of your little artist to show through where a “white” sticker will hide a bit of it. This is definitely an area of personal preference.

image of stickers used to create faces on scribble drawings. The text reads: Cartoon Eye stickers are an easy add on to any "scribble".
Visit your favorite online retailer to purchase stickers

Making your own scribbles is a great activity as well. When I was a little girl, my mom would keep me busy by putting a “Scribble” on a piece of paper and it was up to me to make a picture out of the scribble. I LOVED this activity and it kept me busy for hours. Something as simple as this:

What masterpiece can you create with a scribble? Here is what my daughter came up with using the scribble above. Can you find it in her picture?

The picture is an example of an alligator created using a zig zag line "scribble" that an adult drew on a blank paper.
This is an easy way to celebrate National Scribble Day – Just draw doodles onto paper and have your kids create! If you are feeling creative, Have them draw a doodle for YOU!

Even if you don’t have the book, celebrating this unique holiday is easy… just put some scribbles on paper and GO! We also have this FREE download for you to “try before you buy”. It’s a sampling from our larger National Scribble Day resource.

If you are looking for a full set of resources, we have that too! Our activities are perfect for a digital platform or pencil / paper. There is a google slides drag and drop activity in which kids create a “scribble”. You can then print the scribble out and display it. The same activity can be completed with just crayons, markers or paint by using our blank template!

Additional activities include finish the scribble pages that challenge children to see more than just that scribble on the page. These activities can be spread out over time or completed over a few hours.

Product cover image advertisement for National Scribble day activities from Homeschool Holiday. Pictures show the drag and drop activity for google slides as well as the worksheets available in the packet.

Join us for more great holidays!

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