March 22 – National Goof Off Day

Do you have an “office chair” that spins? They are PERFECT for today! – it’s national Goof Off day!

Office chairs are irresistible – even to adults!

I was the kind of mom who did not let my kids play in the chair. It drove me nuts… so on a day like today – that’s exactly what I do – things that I would not ordinarily let them do.

Drop the lessons for today and head out to their favorite park, ice cream shop and fast food place. Excuse them from their chores (leave those beds unmade!) and GOOF OFF for the day.

It’s a good day to leave electronics behind and head outdoors if possible. The goal is to de-stress, unwind and relax!

Play Tag

Duck Duck Goose

If you are a classroom teacher, a fun way you can celebrate this day without completely abandoning your entire day is to take one subject and “goof off” during that subject. In my early years of teaching I would take my class outside (we had a grassy area behind our classroom) and we would sit and read our Social Studies chapter. When we were done, we would play Duck Duck Goose! Those 4th graders were focused on their learning JUST to get the reward of play time at the end. We had so much fun! A little goofing off now and then is so rewarding.

Some additional ideas:

Art projects (especially the messy one’s you avoid as a mom/teacher)

obstacle course on the playground/ backyard

play dress up

slide across the tile in your socks

build a blanket fort and eat lunch or dinner inside.

Ready for a good time in their “inside fort!”

Whatever you decide to do to Goof Off today, may your journey be blessed!

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With Love,

“Mrs. Crabtree”

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