Magical and mystical wrapped up into one special day!

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June 24th we celebrate International Fairy Day…. you may be imagining pretty creatures fluttering around in glittery dresses with  wands and magic… and you’re not wrong, but fairies have a rich history and they are more than just winged creatures.

History of Fairies

Fairies are creatures of legends – they are mythical creatures. We find their beginnings in European folklore. Stories of fairies were passed down through traditional beliefs, customs and stories. We don’t know if fairies are real.

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The most popular view of fairies is as magical creatures, like the tooth fairy (She is so popular there are 2 days set aside to celebrate her – February 28th and August 22) and Tinkerbell. However, The land of the Fairies contains fairies, gnomes, whisps, and dwarfs.

In Germany fairies or dwarfs are known to have lived in mines. They were called Knockers. These fairies would “knock” to warn the miners of pending cave ins and danger. That’s why they got the name = Knockers!

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The Gnomes we are familiar with, that often wear red hats, are designed after creatures from the far north. (Santa’s elves perhaps???) They spent their time living near the homes of humans which they would sometimes help out!

Celebrating Fairy Day

Fairies have found their way into literature, movies, and artwork  and yes our gardens over the years. Celebrating Fairy Day is an easy thing to do. Today is a great day to read a fairy tale, watch a movie starring fairies or honor them with a garden playground in your yard. Don’t forget the family of dwarfs and gnomes too!

If you are looking for a QUICK activity that is FUN for the whole family – Try the Happy Hive Fairy Pin Art. For just $1.00 you get 4 different pin art patterns and HOURS of fun!

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Poke art is fast and fun. It is something learners of all ages can do.

I would love to see what you do for Fairy Day. Leave a comment in the comments section.

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