Losing a Beloved Pet

Life changes in the blink of an eye. Minnie was fine one second, paralyzed the next. Our 7.5 year old kittie had suffered from a blood clot breaking loose and lodging itself in his aorta, causing him to be paralyzed in his hind legs. We though he hurt himself by jumping down from the bunk bed, but we could not feel any broken bones. Minnie was crying in pain and I knew, although it was 11pm, something had to be done fast. Telling Douglas that we had to take his cat to the emergency clinic and likely we were not bringing him back home was not easy. I didn’t ever think about how I would EVER have that conversation. Looking at my 3 children say goodbye to their pet while I try to stay strong was almost impossible.

Douglas came with us. I remember when I told my Dad I was coming with him when we put Mittens to sleep, but I was MARRIED! My 15 year old son just lost his best furry friend in the world. I could avoid the whole thing by never having animals – but then Douglas, Megan and Lauren would never know this important life lesson:

Animals love unconditionally, never asking us anything in return until this very moment when they place their fate in our hands. My love for Minnie in return is what lead me to my decision. Could we have spend $$$ on a kitty cardiologist, hospitalization and the CHANCE Minnie would regain use of his legs after weeks and weeks of painful recovery and nursing? Perhaps, but that would be selfish in my opinion, because Minnie would continue to suffer, he would have been separated from us for long periods and then one day…poof, another blood clot could release and go to a different part of his body, like his brain. We gave Minnie the best 7.5 years we could. Until we meet again my fur baby!

Now to explain it to Jack, Princess and Penny – they don’t understand where their brother went.

Douglas and Minnie 2011

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