Looking to the Future

When schools closed the second week in March, I knew it was my opportunity to continue to work on Happy Hive Homeschooling. There was never enough time to get more than 1 item into my shop a week. My honest to goodness goal is to have a COMPLETE curriculum – something for EVERY DAY! I know that slow and steady win the race, I am comfortable with that…but 365 days finishing only 1 a week — that’s a mighty long race! I could hardly WAIT for summer to come, as I knew I’d have a solid 10 weeks to get a nice jump start. I have been given an extra 10 weeks due to the stay at home order! (I sincerely hope school re-opens in September. I will be working for an alternative education school and basically homeschooling the students that attend – it is right up my alley!)

I want to THANK each and every one of my blog followers, Instagram followers, Facebook Friends, and secret admirers out there cheering me on. When I met my sales goal for April (On April 26th, with plenty of time to spare!) it felt like a lottery win!

I enjoy making videos, helping families get started on their homeschool journey, coaching families while we homeschool together, creating curriculum – ALL of it! If you know someone – friend, family, homeschooler, teacher…that you think would like HomeschoolHoliday – I would love for you to share. I certainly have set a new goal for May and beyond!

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