Looking for an eraser, a sock and a rubber band?

…If so you must be participating in a SCAVENGER HUNT! #ScavengerHuntDay is May 24th.

There is nothing more exciting than finding what you are looking for. Especially if it has been lost for awhile! There are many games surrounding the exciting concept of “seek and find”.

Today we explore the old fashioned party game: The Scavenger Hunt. The Scavenger Hunt as we know it today is credited to a event planner of sorts throughout the 1920s. Elsa Maxwell was paid by the wealthy to plan elaborate treasure hunt parties.

An interesting fact regarding the origin of the word scavenger is that it comes from a 14th century word that referred to the officials that collected the taxes: scawageour.

A scavenger hunt today consists of a list of random items to find. Sometimes they have a theme. Scavenger hunts can be held in teams or individuals can compete against one another. It is universally agreed participants are not allowed to purchase items from the list and must get them in unique ways. Many neighborhoods have been filled with laughing teenagers going from house to house asking for matches, an egg and a band aid! Some clever hunts have riddles as clues making the game a bit more difficult.

The winner can be determined an several ways:

First one back with all the items

Person with most items in given amount of time

Items are worth certain points, and the value of the items is used to determine a score.

If you would like to host a scavenger hunt the ideas are limitless:

Nature scavenger hunt

Color scavenger hunt (you can mix colors as well as individualize colors, for example hunters have to find everything red: red ball, red crayon, red book, etc.)

Alphabet scavenger hunt – find something for every letter of the alphabet. A fun version of this game is to find the LETTERS of the alphabet in road signs while you are driving.

Name Scavenger hunt (Find an item that begins with each letter of your name)

Shape scavenger hunt

Indoor items scavenger hunt

Do you have Friends and Family that live far away? Host a virtual scavenger hunt. Send the list by email to each player, then at the agreed upon time meet using an online meeting room such as Google Hangouts, Zoom or Skype.

You can also turn any Scavenger hunt list into a “Teen” activity by making it a Selfie Hunt. The players must take a selfie with the item for the points.

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