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Welcome back to another article in the Homeschool Holiday series of Educational Product Reviews. These are items you can use with confidence in your homes, co-ops and classrooms to meet the needs of your learners. Each of them are created by teacher-authors like myself (small, family oriented businesses)*.

If you are looking for supplemental curriculum, look no further than TeacherSorce! TeacherSorce is the perfect hub for products for both busy teachers and homeschoolers. I have used MANY of Cortney’s products with learners this summer, and stocked up for fall. Her focus is 3rd grade, but you can easily use any of her products with grades 2-5 and their age appropriate homeschooled counterparts and co-op groups.

I am going to review several quality products to give you an overview of the TeacherSorce… the insider scoop you might say and if you stick with me to the end, there is a BONUS product to download!

Cortney named her store TeacherSorce, because her maiden name is Sorce…so it works as the perfect play on words- your source for great curriculum. It is so very true!

Fraction Pizza Project

Fraction Pizza Project (Distance/In Class Learning)
Fraction Pizza Project is $3.00 in the TeacherSorce Amped Up Learning Store.

Project Based Learning is one my absolute favorite learning modalities. In Project Based Learning students learn through real world and personally engaging projects. True Project Based Learning takes place over time, anywhere from 3 -5 days (longer the older the learners are) and ends with a presentation by the students about what they learned. Fraction Pizza Project fits the bill perfectly and then some!

As summer continues and we continue to worry about where we will be teaching in the fall…face to face or from home in a distance learning model, you may be hesitant to spend your money on new curriculum. Products from TeacherSorce are DOUBLE created – meaning they are suitable for BOTH face to face and distance learning models, at no extra cost. Links are included for products to automatically upload to See Saw as well as Google Classroom. Your purchase will serve you now and in the future!

Another facet of products from TeacherSorce is without knowing it, Cortney has created products that are IDEAL for homeschoolers. Homeschool families often provide learners with high interest projects of their own choosing. Not only that, we look for projects that are going to take longer than a day. The Fraction Pizza Project can take at least a week, and depending on how much supplementation you do, could go longer. The Fraction Pizza project is also cross curricular incorporating math, writing and life skills. Learners reflect on the perfect pizza, then they draw their own using fractions and toppings. This can be done as elaborately as your situation allows. Learners Also have to apply critical thinking calculating elapsed time regarding delivery. Having learners present their projects at the end, or the pizza they make ties the entire project together.

Many of the products created by TeacherSource target Cortney’s major demographic audience of English Language Learners. All of the products published by Cortney have graphic organizers, videos, visuals, vocabulary pre loading (introducing key vocabulary ahead of discovering it in the lesson), games and interactive ways to learn! TeacherSorce creates products for Literacy, Writing, Math, Science, Word Work as well as Classroom Organization! These elements walk students step by step through the project. With 9 years of teaching experience and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction Cortney takes pride in offering other educators quality products.

Teacher Organization – Digital Planner

I took my chances in entering on of the MANY raffles Cortney holds over on the TeacherSorce Facebook Page . I did it really just to support her efforts to grow. Turns out I WON! Along with student curriculum the TeacherSorce offers classroom decor items, teacher organization helps and tons of FREEBIES.

Digital Planner
Digital Planner is $4.00 in the TeacherSorce Amped up Learning store.

This digital planner is extremely versatile. Send it to students or use for your administrative needs as a Mom, or teacher. The sky is the limit. and to top it off, it’s C-U-T-E!

Cortney is still in what I call the “newlywed years” – having only been married for two years. She shares her home with her husband Bryant and their 10 month old daughter, Palmer. The family is rounded off with three Labrador Retrievers a black one named Kody, a yellow one called Stella and a Chocolate one called Kane. The Family loves to cook all cuisines and smoke meats on our Traeger and have a cooking blog! With some of the extra time Cortney and her husband have given Sourdough Starter recipes a try. She reports: “It’s like having a 5th child.”

I’m not sure when she sleeps – running circles around me with product creation, marketing etc… but I sure am blessed to have her in the Happy Hive circle of friends.

Distance Learning – for newbies!

Even if your returning to the classroom full time, this product is going to make your back to school life easier. Remember that ALL TeacherSorce products are Double Duty! They work for both distance learning as well as paper/pencil face to face. Regardless of the situation, going back you will be dealing with new protocols. Take some of the pressure off. Help create a cushion for your back to school frenzy.

Distance Learning 3rd Grade Starter Pack
Distance Learning Starter Pack $20.00 in the TeacherSorce Amped Up Learning Store

The Distance Learning Starter pack is a COMPLETE CURRICULUM. This will give you such a Head start! It is suitable for grades 2 – 5 and contains: 5 Weeks of Literacy activities, 6 Weeks of Math Problem a day, a Fairytale Writing Mini Unit a Narrative Writing Mini Unit, 6 Science Activities, an Animal Who Would Win Research Project and a Going on a Shopping Trip Math Project. Over $36.00 of product for just $20.00


TeacherSorce has plenty of FREEBIES for you if you want to get to know their style. I happen to have a special one for you If you download the FREEBIE below – there is a coupon code for additional savings!

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