Letting Go of Fear

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Not Back to School Season

In the Homeschool Community we like to celebrate what we affectionately call – NOT back to school day because well, we don’t send our kids to school. This year, as we begin the 2020-2021 school year we are joined by many, many families who may be homeschooling, distance learning, or educating their children on the fly in between their own work-from-home situations!  All forms of Education Matter!

Happy “not” Back to school Season! 

Ideas for making the first day special

Last Month I shared with you a few ideas with making the First Day of school Special :

Mix up your First day of school picture by taking it in your Pajamas or with the computer in view instead of the backpack. 

If you are in an area requiring mask use, decorate a disposable mask with their grade or graduation year and use it as a prop.

Attitude is everything. Pictures with and without the mask will be treasured by your grandchildren many, many moons from now! 

Sharing my wisdom

I keep thinking how “lucky” I am that my children are older and I am not facing some of the decisions those of you with younger learners are facing.

It doesn’t mean I can’t relate. Remember, I’m the mom who freely admits she homeschooled because she was too afraid to send her child to school in a “normal” time.  I have the gift of wisdom so many wise teachers, homeschoolers and mentors shared with me then that I hope I can share with you now: 

 Everything will be okay, let go of the fear. 

Everything looks different

School doesn’t look ANYTHING like it did for most of us just one short year ago. Even seasoned homeschoolers have adjustments to make by wearing masks, limiting outings and sharing bandwidth with the neighborhood!

What ARE the long term impacts we are going to see to learning as a result of this monumental shift to “Distance Learning… Hybrid Programs” and even modified face to face instruction? 

I don’t have a Crystal Ball

I can’t promise there won’t be learning gaps, that your child won’t get behind (or speed ahead)… I don’t have a crystal ball. I only have in the trenches, real life example after example of times where children did get behind, for one reason or another (illness or injury of the child, parent or family member… relocation …lack of effort….the arrival of a sibling… a death in the family…different learning abilities).

In each of these times, the child, no matter how far behind, was able to meet or exceed their learning goals when their ability was not impaired by nature. Even a child with special limits set by nature was able to make advances- once the opportunities were presented, and the blocks were removed! 

When a plant has sun, water and proper soil, it grows. Add some minerals to the soil and growth increases!
Children are no different than plants! 


Think about war-torn Europe during World War II. Children were evacuated from the city and placed with host families. The emotional impact of the Pied Piper operation was far more long lasting than the educational impact.

Distance learning has given us MORE time with our children – not less. EVERYTHING is learning. The “independent learning” time assigned by the teacher is natural. If your learner is finished with their work, have them read, draw, play with toys, create art projects, etc… come up with a FAMILY learning goal they can research and work on to stay occupied during “school” time. Let them play 🙂 and be kids! Give things time to settle and adjust – yourself included, and rest assured… when things do settle – your kids will catch up.

I learned my multiplication tables at 40 ! When we let go of the fear, the sky is the limit!

– Mrs. Crabtree

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